Monday, 21 January 2019

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 102

I needed to re-publish this because for some reason my past post has surfaced to replace as the current post.  Why does my episode 100 now come after my episode 101?

I agree with Christopher who suggested that I should demand compensation from Mr. Pride.  In appreciation of his loyal interest in my blog, I wish to explain why I have not yet done so.
1)     It was by my own will to move back to the apartment above his restaurant.  The necessity of insulation work was foreseeable.  Besides, if I received money from Mr. Pride, my self-appointed mission to spare several French tenants from the hellish noise would become smug-ish.

2)     However, I can still demand damage compensation for the time I was being exposed to the inhabitable condition, at a time near-death, which forced me to book other accommodation and the travel fees.  This happened a few weeks after I first moved in, so legally I can demand compensation.  However, I am waiting for the result of the lawsuit initiated by Mr. Pride.  Should the court order the landlords who voted against Mr. Pride out of sympathy for my plight, I will then demand compensation from Mr. Pride so I can pay back the kind-heart landlords.

Thus either way I am not going to receive money for myself from Mr. Pride because the act of demanding compensation will expose my mind to a precarious place where one step in a wrong direction will push me down to joining the Sludge, the victim business players.  Then I will lose far more than the compensation money.  I am not giving you a cliché that ‘one cannot take money to the next world after one’s death.’  I am going to share what I have witnessed, what becomes of the people who received money from one’s enemy in the long run.  No preaching fairy tales, just cold facts as to why only the children or the adults whose physical damage deprived them the ability to rebuild their lives ought to demand compensation in my next post because today I have to report what happened to Mr. Honor as I promised in my last post.

Mr. Honor was a man I once labelled as Goliath who bends justice.  However, I later learnt that he had climbed the social scale by pretending to be the defender of the minorities.  The male version of Mme. Landlord does not fit the title of Goliath because the true Goliath is the one who dominates with his own strength.  (If you happen to read my blog for the first time, please refer to my past posts to find out how Mme. Landlord was capable of getting what she wanted without lifting a finger)  I was appalled, as were my French neighbours, to have discovered how Mr. Honor took over a small part of the French system and bent justice in favor for the Sludge.  

However, a thing happened last autumn which saw the influence of Mr. Honor eclipsed, at least, began to eclipse.  I cannot go into detail here (I hope you understand) but the French neighbours resorted to give their collective support to elsewhere.  It was not the end of Mr. Honor, but it was at least the sign that domination in life may have the expiry date after all, however long one at that.  

To be continued.

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 100

I shall not bore my readers by sharing how peace came to my mind through choosing to pay the price of living in the apartment above the restaurant from Hell in order to save someone whom I will never meet.  Some of you may even be disappointed that I did not opt for revenge.  But please, give some time to the wisdom of my ancestors which was to give one’s enemy what they want.  Not what they need.  One of the tragedies of humanity is that we do not always want what is good for us.  We often refuse to listen to what we truly need.  We are the worst enemy of ourselves.  I cannot give you the instant result of my decision because it will take time for its effect to surface if you care to stick around.  But there are some signs already. 

I shall start with the managers of the restaurant from Hell.  I did not complain when Mme. Harmonie extended their opening hours to midnight without lowering the music to the detriment of the residents of the building.  She got what she wanted.  However, this arrangement backfired because serious diners stay away from eateries with a long hours whose chef is deemed to be so mediocre that cannot attract diners during the decent hours.  Our restaurant from Hell is vacant during 18:30~20:30 while the nearby restaurants are busy with serious diners.  Some drinkers start dropping in late hours but they just want nibbles.  They will drink talk laugh till late without ordering an expensive dish.  The restaurant from Hell has become a bar in effect except it costs more to run than a real bar.  

The real bars do not need to pay a chef for the long hours and the place is usually cozy small, which translates to ‘less rent to pay’.  Our restaurant from Hell still has to pay the rent for a quite big place.  They often hold private parties with a loud music, which further consolidates the bad image of being a secondary restaurant that relies on music and long opening hours instead of food.  If only they had done the right things like other decent eateries considerate of their neighbors, they could have been more successful.  But it was Mme. Harmonie and her partners who made the ultimate decision to ignore the regulations of Paris restaurant code.

Let this be clear that I no longer want the restaurant from Hell to fail.  I prefer that they stay in our building so that they will not create another hell somewhere else.  There must not be any more victims of the Sludge and their bar-restaurants.  Therefore, I am now glad that I refrained from appealing my lawsuit against the restaurant which legalized their questionable right to run a restaurant.  Victory for them… if they can run a profitable restaurant.  They are bound to Mr. Pride by a contract to keep paying him the rent for 3 to 10 years in Paris no matter how little their profit may be.  However, if the right of restaurant had been cancelled by the court, Mme. Harmonie could have demanded a compensation from Mr. Pride for having failed to disclose my old lawsuit before Mme. Harmonie bought the faulty right.  The compensation figure could have been bigger than the profit she will ever make from her mildly successful bar-restaurant from Hell.

Speaking of Mr. Pride, I shall write how he is doing after my decision in my next post.  To be continued.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 101

As my readers would know from my past posts Mr. Pride, the landlord of the restaurant from Hell was not quite a monster Mme. Landlord had made him out to be.  She often performed a tacky impersonation of Mr. Pride, of how he sniggered at my near death encounter.  Boorishness of the sight of an old woman going ‘Hee hee!’ which I attributed to Mr. Pride was in fact that of Mme. Landlord herself.  Unlike her prediction, Mr. Pride apologized that the excess electromagnetic or something overflowing from the badly installed commercial electric appliances in his kitchen below my bedroom nearly killed me.  I am not the one to discredit apologies by claiming that they were not genuine enough.  The perpetrator still has a choice to give an apology or not because with his power he could resume to dominate the weak in this dog-eat-dog world.  If he has so chosen to stop taking advantage of the situation, then his action speaks louder than his words.  It is to be noted that some victims who insist that they are not about money but sincerity of the apology, would repeat compensation demands claiming that the previous sum did not reflect enough ‘sincerity.’ 

Back to Mr. Pride who was not a monster, but not a compassionate person either.  When I moved back to the room above his restaurant from Hell, I wrote to him that I would pay for the sound proof insulation inside my room and my only request was that he move his big commercial freezer 5~7cm away from the wall so that the vibrating noise would be weaker when it reached my apartment via the wall.  This would not have cost him a cent, but he chose to ignore my request.  Mr. Pride did not want a person’s death on him, but ongoing suffering caused by the noise emitted by his restaurant from Hell, he had no sympathy for.  This was not too surprising but I had wanted to know if he shared the same attitude as the Sludge, the victim-business players. 

I did not have to wait long.  Mr. Pride decided to demand a big sum of compensation from all the landlords who had voted against his restaurant.  His lawyer claimed Mr. Pride to be a victim of a gross obstruction of business that Mme. Landlord and the others should pay him for having put more importance on my sufferings over his business.  Mr. Pride refused to acquiece that there was any noise from his restaurant from Hell.  His lawyer went to accuse me of abusive behavior for pretending to be a victim in hope to sabotage his restaurant.  I was puzzled because what victim-pretender would spend their own money on an unnecessary insulation?  Then I realized that Mr. Pride was perhaps afraid that I would demand compensation from him.  What he accused of me, pretending to be a victim, demanding compensation…all reflected his attitude as the Sludge.  Oh what a pity.

Mr. Pride would never believe that I was accepting the restaurant from Hell so that it would not relocate to prey on more people.  He would continue to grab what he wanted and would succeed most likely.  However, he will never know of the treasure given freely by the others.  For instance, I have just received a message from TripAdvisor that I have progressed to become the top 43rd popular reviewer of Paris.  I have not yet and shall not ever write a negative reviews about the restaurant from Hell, but had Mr. Pride been a little more harmonious, I would have searched for reasons to write a glowing review. It may not be much, but it would have been some help.  The other residents of the building would have become clients too—the best type of regular clients an eatery can hope to have.  

Next post is about what happened to Mr. Honor, the man I once referred to as Goliath who protected the restaurant from Hell at all cost.  

To be continued

Friday, 28 December 2018

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 99

December is always the busy month but the year 2018 was crazy throughout. I was physically stressed and my soul was tested continuously.  Where did it land in the end?

Mrs. Landlord sold one of her apartments to an unsuspecting couple who was in overseas.  Paris is so popular that there are people who would buy a property before even looking at it. The real estate folks universally have no problems stretching facts and Paris is no exception.  Is it any coincidence that the real estate women often snag unsuspecting heirs to some fortune?  However, the couple who bought from Mme. Landlord was not innocent either because they immediately tried to rent the noisy apartment out without applying any insulation.  I was dismayed that the trail of victims of the restaurant from Hell would continue to stretch.  However, who was I to blame when I had moved out from the apartment myself?  I felt dodgy as the previous tenant who washed his hands off me when he foresaw the hell to come.

Then the inspiration came to me.  With Mme. Landlord out of the picture, I could move back to that the apartment above the restaurant from Hell and reinstall the advanced insulation materials from Japan.  So long as I stayed there, there would be no more poor students nor young French tenants to fall victims to the devil that was greed.  It was a ridiculous sacrifice that everyone would sneer at, but to me it felt right.  The act would lift me out of the dire state as the victim, and then up into becoming someone who would shoulder the pain of the weak (in this case, those without the means to insulate the apartment).  I refrained from using the word ‘protector’ because it would remind me of Mme. Landlord who demanded ample rewards for ‘pretending to be the protector of the weak’.  I would not go down her road because I would be doing a favor to someone I would never meet.  My soul would be protected from the evil of demanding gratitude. 

Thus I have been extremely busy, moving back to the room above Hell, paying for some insulation work to maximize the effects of the advanced insulation materials from Japan.  I still hear some noise because the brutal noise from the restaurant rendered me sensitive to noise, but it would not be a sacrifice without some pain to endure.  The indifferent couple does not communicate with me directly and the real estate agent simply demands rent at the going rate of Paris.  I had expected this after more than three years in Paris.  Nor do I wish the restaurant from Hell to leave because those self centered people will simply go on to create another Hell elsewhere to claim more victims. 

Four years ago I made a promise to myself that I would stop relying on the sunshine of tropical Australia.  I hoped to shine in darkness on my own strength.  I moved to Paris of more somber weather and I have been tested on so many times and so many levels.  And now I am on the mission of creating a piece of Heaven above the restaurant from Hell.  I shall not doom my soul to become ‘A victim-turned-predator.’ 

To be continued for my decision had ramifications.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 98

Have you ever saved a poor bullied at some stage in your life?  And did the bullied remain grateful to you?  Or, maybe the same bullied turned on you when the gang shifted their bullying on you instead?  

The former bullied knows the pain you are going through and yet the ungrateful former bullied will join the bullying to attack you.  That makes them more cowards than the bully who does not yet know the pain of being bullied.  My intention is not to play a British style words game, but I hope my message is getting across to you.  The person who is more despised than the bully is the former bullied who joins a collective bullying.  Furthermore, the former bullied-turned predator will slip back into the discriminated position when it will be more convenient to appear weak in this politically-correct age.  Media loves the story of underdogs, the victims, etc. because it will get a higher rating.

While the bully grabs what he wants, there are crafty ones who prefer to manipulate others into giving him/her the prize.  If you ever have watched any of those cooking contest on TV’, there is always a contestant who initially appears timid and helpless.  She may even cry to milk sympathy of the judges and the viewers that would carry her over to the advanced level which she does not have the merit to deserve.  Then to the horror of the viewers, cockiness appears on the former helpless lamb.  She starts to act like she has earned the glory all by her self and arrogant statements would come out of her ungrateful lips. Before you know it, she will be posing for a cover magazine to now the horror of the professional models or the truly beautiful.  Nothing like a rigged victory to discourage the young people from making right efforts. 

Victim card works and gets you what you do not deserve.  It may be the biggest temptation the people is exposed in the modern age.  Why don’t I join them having been exposed to the success of the Sludge people behind the restaurant from Hell  who know every trick in the book of former victim business?  Their neighbors can't touch those regulation cheaters because they are afraid of being sued for discrimination.  Had it been a French owner the restaurant from Hell would have been shut down after three complaints to the authority.    

The people who knows my situation (and the readers of my blog) would not argue that I have been their victim in true sense and they suggest revenge.  But I would have to remain a victim throughout the process of revenge.  The longer I remain a victim, more chances of me becoming a stealthy predator.  I am a human after all.  The benefit of the victim card is tempting, but becoming a Sludge feels ominious.   They are getting by, but their restaurant could have been so much better had they chosen to do things right.   Yet, my not doing anything would seem like a defeat to the bully, almost a poor excuse for not having the courage to fight back the evil.

Then I had an inspiration.  It showed me the way out from being a victim without any sense of defeat.  To be continued.
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