Saturday, 17 March 2018

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 65

I returned to Paris well prepared.  It would have been suicidal not to against the likes of Mr. Pride who would not blink at the physical pain he incurs on others.  It would take a professional psychologist to explain how he justifies believing him to be the victim, not me, because I am causing loss on his business.  But there he was, I just had to deal with it. 

You may ask again why I would not leave and rid myself of this problem.  I already wrote in the old episodes that some landlords simply replaced their tenants with unsuspecting ones.  One of them even lied to his tenant that it would be absolutely quiet.  What saddened me that all the new tenants who were duly terrorized by the music beats from the restaurant day and night…were all Asians.  One Taiwanese student was stuck because her landlord would not return her deposit despite the problem.  In the end she chose to betray her friend from Beijing.  I was surprised to see the new girl who took over the apartment.  The landlord had agreed because he was not losing any money. 

I instantly felt sorry for her because she had been told lies by someone she trusted.  I shall refer to her as Miss Plum (the national flower of China) who was initially wary of me, a Japanese woman.  However, I assured her that Mrs. Landlord and my lawyer were working to solve the problem, and let her know all the times that Miss Plum was not alone.  Knowing how lonely an Asian woman by herself can be in Paris in times of illness, I informed her all I knew about good medications available in Paris.  I do not know what Miss Plum thinks of me, but we are amicable neighbors and that is enough for me to feel happy.  She even signed the petition against the restaurant.  I respect her gut because other tenants became chicken and declined to sign.  They left to escape the noise, but Miss Plum stayed on to fight with me.   It is for beautiful surprises like this I stay in Paris.

Back to my preparation against Mr. Pride who had decided a long-term harassment could wear me down.  We’ll see about that.  I purchased the most advanced insulation material made in Japan.  It is the first and only insulation material in the world that is effective against the low frequency noise.  The company is called SHIZUKA meaning science of tranquility.  The inventor was recently given the top award at the national commercial invention contest in Japan.  They have already begun exporting their products to USA.  Germany, the leading nation in Europe in the field of regulations and combat against noise of all types, has shown interest.  

This is what I needed to shield myself from the low frequency noise emitted by the big refrigerator and freezer which Mme. Empathy installed right beneath my bedroom instead of her basement like other decent restaurants in Paris do, including most Michelin starred restaurants.  SHIZUKA is also effective against electromagnetism.  Mr. Pride had used his votes, he had many, to annul the plan to install earth tours in our building despite it would expose the residents to physical danger relating to electricity leak.  I do not presume to know what he hopes to happen to me, the one who lives above his deadly kitchen, but whatever he wishes for, the advanced technology of Japan would protect me from it.

I am keenly aware that I am an idiot for wasting my money and time on this restaurants from hell.  However, I just could not be the one to dump the problem on someone else.  Not until it is clear to the world that I have done all I could against this demon.  I had always respected Chinese women for their dynamism.  With Miss Plum’s boldness combined with my Japanese meticulousness, I felt empowered. 

And then, I learnt a surprising news about Madame Empathy.  To be continued.
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Friday, 9 March 2018

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 64

I wish I could tell you that I stared back at Mr. Pride and Mr. Brave like a cool heroine in the film.  I am sorry but this is a true story that happened to a real ordinary woman, slightly modified to conceal the true identity of the characters.  Fear gripped me when I saw Mr. Brave’s cold reproachful eyes.  I was supposed to have shriveled and fried by the killer ventilation of the restaurant he had designed 7 months ago.  His eyes said ‘Surely the electricity leakage 2 months ago would have finished this stupid Asian?’  However, I noticed he was standing slightly behind another man.  This was the moment I named him Mr. Brave in my mind.

Another man was of course, Mr. Pride.  I instantly turned my face away, but still caught a glimpse of his expression.  He looked like a boy who feared his mother’s wrath at home for his failure.  My guess is that he was afraid of losing the faith of Mme. Empathy, the gorgeous femme fatale.  She would be furious that Mr. Pride failed to gain a permanent right to fix his ventilation extractor on the building.  All it remained was for my lawyer to claim at the tribunal that her restaurant lacked the essential infrastructure.  It would annul her restaurant permit…in the ideal world, but this is Paris.    

I should have had my first hearing a few months after the launching of my lawsuit against the restaurant from Hell.  However, the restaurant of which permit was granted with the recommendation of Mr. Honour (this document, my lawyer has the copy) was not summoned to the trial 5 months on at this point.  I had a bad feeling that my first hearing would be further delayed.  What would the restaurant do in the meantime? 

I did not have to wait long for the answer.  The loud music blasted.  This time I was not the only victim because the restaurant left their façade open.  The hellish beats hit the hereto quiet street, all day all night.  In a way I understood.  The majority of the co-landlords had just rejected the restaurant.  Mme. Empathy would want a revenge, but I could not believe it.  She was much shrewder than that.  I also noticed that she was seen in the restaurant less and less.  The blasting music was played by the chef with the criminal records.  He did not know how persistent I could be calling the police to stop the music, but I had another idea.  Why not let him blast the neighborhood so the neighbors would know the consequence of letting the restaurant from Hell be?   

I decided to spend summer months in Japan.  As I had anticipated, the chef tortured the neighbours day and night during my absence.  Some exasperated resident threw water into the restaurant, or so I heard.  Finally, several people filed complaints to the authority.  It was no longer my one-man battle.  My health recovered in Japan.  My Samurai ancestors would have approved because there was no shame in escaping in order to recover from the wound so long as one returned to fight later.  By September I longed to resume the fight.  This may be the true addiction of the bewitching Paris.   To be continued.

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Saturday, 3 March 2018

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 63

The reaction of Mr. Pride, I must rely on Mme. Landlord’s recount of the assembly general.  The chairman of the Syndic was initially hesitant to accept the proxies entrusted to Mme. Landlord because most likely his position had been threatened by Mr. Pride and Mr. Brave.  However, upon realizing that the total number of Mme. Landlord’s proxies surpassed that of our opponents, albeit by just mere 17 votes, the Syndic must have felt liberated.  Our proxies were accepted.  Mme. Landlord could read no reaction on Mr. Pride’s face, but that is the sign of stupefaction.  People can react swiftly to small inconveniences, but my experience tells me that huge crisis stun people into delayed reaction.

However, Mr. Pride was accompanied by his lawyer who immediately started defending him.  From what I heard the lawyer was monopolizing the assembly general, so it would not do the truth justice by boiling it down to one sentence.  Nevertheless I was only told that Mr. Pride’s lawyer defended his right to conduct business inside his properties and demanded the other landlords should refrain from being over sympathetic to Mme. Landlord and her tenant, in this case ‘me’.  This encouraged Mr. Pride into claiming that I was no longer feeling discomfort because he had reinstalled his ventilation the right way.  Now, I had anticipated him to ignore the fact that he had not yet insulated the ceiling of his properties, thus some residents were still exposed to the noise from his restaurant.  What made me gasp was that he decided what I should be feeling physically.  He dictates what others should feel or not.  Mr. Pride evidently places himself very highly in the universe.

Could I be sadden even more?  Yes, for Mr. Brave jumped in and insisted that I knew there was a restaurant beneath her studio, omitting the fact the restaurant’s permit had been denied by the right people when I moved in.  It was only afterwards that Mr. Honour, re-granted the permit to his favorite Mme. Empathy.  Mr. Brave went on to insist that I deserved the consequence.  Now this is from the man who was responsible for the lousy design of the restaurant from Hell.  Mr. Brave would have known exactly what suffering I went through:  Consistent palpation from continual beating of the wall shuttering noise.  I would grit my teeth for a while, but soon would I reach the limit that I had to jump into e hot shower constantly to rescue my body from extreme stress.  My eye lids would twitch and things would fall from my hands regularly.  You would think Mr. Brave could be sued, but he had covered his track by not signing any contract.  It was a black work with no evidence.  I have hit the jack pot of ‘beautiful souls’ in Paris, to whom I gave an aptly beautiful name respectively, but the cruelest of all was Mr. Brave because Mr. Pride was an amateur so he could not fully fathom the reality to which I was being subjected.

The party of small shareholders rejected the restaurant business to continue, but it was a victory for a short time because the lawyer of Mr. Pride immediately declared to proceed with a lawsuit against the Syndic and all other landlords.  Mr. Pride and Mr. Brave came out stone faced from the room but halted when they saw me standing in the corridor.  To be continued.

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 62

Two weeks had passed since I sent out the letter pleading the other landlords to take note of the blatant disregard of other people by Mr. Pride.  He would not even comply with the repeated requests by the Syndic to share the type of machines he was allowing his tenant Mme. Empathy to install beneath the residential floor.  Of course, Mme. Empathy would exceed the limit permitted by the authority.  The limit had been set to prevent excess emission of electromagnetic and law frequency noises, both hazardous to the health of the residents living nearby, but Mr. Pride did not care because he did not live on the premises himself.  He would not be exposed to the toxic elements.  What did he care that his tenants tortured the residents with a loud disco music in a quiet historic street?  He himself lived quietly away from the restaurant from Hell.  What did he care that his restaurant attracted seedy characters that exposed the residents’ lives in danger?  Mr. Pride turned deaf ears to every single plea of the residents, refusing to believe that his tenants ever acted inappropriately.  You would think anybody would oppose Mr. Pride.

However, not all landlords were inconvenienced by the restaurant from Hell.  For one, only three apartments were directly exposed to the noise from the restaurant.  Secondly, most landlords did not live on the premises.  Therefore, Mr. Pride safely bet that his threat of compensation, if his business was disrupted, would convince the majority of the landlords to forsake me in my suffering rather than paying a hefty compensation money to Mr. Pride.  In fact one old wealthy business woman did not even bother to reply.  Mr. Brave, the partner in crime of Mr. Pride held a large number of votes.  One old rich man even pressed Mme. Landlord to accept the condition of Mr. Pride.  I was seeing the reality of dark side of human nature.

However, the first ray of sunshine came from America, the new land.  There was one American owner and he defied the compensation threat of Mr. Pride and gave his proxy to Mme. Landlord.  Never was I more grateful of the gutsy hero in American men.

The old land, Europe was not to be dismissed for a youngish French man also sent us his proxy.  It surprised me because this youngish French man had seemed cool and indifferent, but inside he was a stark contrast to the rich old man with a pleasant manner but of a cold heart.  More from Europe were two Italian gentlemen who spoke out against Mr. Pride and sent their proxy to Mme. Landlord.  One of them even came to visit me on the day before the general assembly to wish me good lucks.  He wanted to see the face of the writer of the heart wrenching letter.  I had not gone out to be melodramatic, but simply writing down the fact was enough.  The votes of more supporters continued to flow in.

Finally at the general Assembly, Mr. Pride and Mr. Brave both looked pleased with themselves, convinced that they were about to crush Mme. Landlord.  That Asian woman (me) never mattered to them.  However, my dear Mme. Landlord quietly laid out numerous proxies on the table.  To be continued.

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Saturday, 10 February 2018

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 61

Mr. Pride demanded (he never asks, he commands) that the next general assembly of the co-landlords be held one month earlier than usual to put an end to this ongoing  harassment of his tenant, Mme. Empathy the director of the restaurant from Hell.  Yes, he claimed (and still does to this date) that ‘the Asian woman is lying about her suffering and Mme. Landlord is wrong in wanting to protect her tenant.  The other landlords should not be influenced by the sentimental nonsense of my Mme. Landlord and landlords should vote with a sensitive mind.  The true victim is him, claimed Mr. Pride.

Mr. Proud Victim, his second name, planned well to sabotage Mme. Landlord’s votes by picking a date that coincided with her cancer treatment when she would be away from Paris.  You might ask why the Syndic accepted his request.  As a rich man Mr. Pride was one of the two big shareholders.  Unfortunately, this other big shareholder became his partner in crime.  I shall refer to this new character as Mr. Brave who had been hereto polite towards Mme. Landlord despite his seething chauvinism because everyone respected Mme. Landlord, the smart lady with a strong sense of justice who had long looked after the interest of the building in a fair manner.  Mr. Pride had the sense to see the importance of the large number of shares Mr. Brave possessed and proposed the latter a lucrative business.  Thus Mr. Brave and Mr. Pride became buddies.  Out came the true color of Mr. Brave who started to mock Mme. Landlord openly.  He slandered Mme. Landlord to be a trouble maker, not worthy of her noble reputation.

Poor Mme. Landlord was shattered as she had not been aware of the dark sentiment of Mr. Brave towards her.  Two men ganged up against this cancer patient, the true horror story in Paris.  The two men influenced the date of the general assembly with their large number of votes combined.  The Syndic was obliged to accept.  Our Mme. Landlord chose to take a break from her treatment to attend the meeting because Mr. Pride demanded the Syndic and the co-landlords to legalize his unauthorized machine on the building.  He could do it with the help of Mr. Brave who had revenge on his mind.  My suffering did not even enter Mr. Brave’s mind because I too was a woman.  I had thought that French men were fair and respective of women, so I inquired.  It turned out that he was only half French.  Not that it meant anything, but at this point I needed the French to be near perfect, worthy of the price I was paying to live in Paris. 

However, my questions about the nationality led to the fact that quite a number of the landlords were either Italian or Americans.  Mr. Pride and Mr. Brave did not fear them because they were all small shareholders.  Combined, they would pose a larger number of votes, but they spoke little French and they resided overseas.  Mme. Landlord could not reach them to ask for their power of attorney because of the language barriers.  She lamented her English was not good enough to explain this complicated situation to those non-French landlords.  Thus Mr. Pride and Mr. Brave disregarded the other landlords.  I, this Asian woman, was of course forgettable to them.  However, they overlooked the fact that I communicated in English and that I was also a Japanese woman with diligence.  Most of all, I am a genuine descendent of Samurai Warriors who accepts every battle, even a losing one, to have some learning values.  There is no medals given to join winnable battles.  In fact, my ancestor feared complacency after a win more than a loss because one often ends up losing more than the gain of a win in a long term.  I hope my ancestors were right about the reverse.

To be continued.

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