Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Born without Good

I must first thank Ms.G. E. Gallas for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  Let my comic strip speak of my appreciation.

Beautiful award

The award comes with a rule that the nominee must tell 7 facts about him/herself:

1)    I believe we are born without Good.  It is what we may acquire after years of struggles, self-doubt and self-reflection.

2)    I believe that sadly we are born with vice.  You can count on people’s jealousy to sprout any time.  No one wants to admit it first, so we lie to ourselves to deny it.  See?  Evil within us is already setting us up for the next evil deed: telling lies to others.  The ball rolls on.

3)    I believe Good exists only within God, which is comforting.  Good would be safe from our human vice.

4)    I don't feel pessimistic that we are born without Good.  It  adds more values to our struggles to shed our vice.  There shouldn’t be a  prize given to being a nice person if one had simply been programmed that way.  It would be more meaningful if it were one's conscious choice to be good.  For an instance, I don’t feel smug about being a non-smoker because I have never felt an urge for it.  However, I do respect former smokers who fought off their addictive demon through sheer will power.   I can’t even hold off my chocolate for 3 hours.

5)    I believe Bad can become Good once their hatred turns to love.

6)    I believe there is a third group that has been hiding behind the reasons (something akin to Good) while abetting Bad.  If you read the home page you will find that I name this third player 'The Third Red Apple' .

7)    I believe The Third Red Apple sabotages our efforts to grow out of Bad.

Another rule of the award is that I must make 7 new nominations:

1)  (scary but artistic graphics)

2) (Her mystic photos and text are profound)

3) (She created one because she wanted to live.  I find that so uplifting and beautiful)

4)   To be announced

5)  (her art and photography categories are worth checking out)

6)    To be announced

7)    To be announced.

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