Friday, 12 September 2014

Black Opal and racist rant video (黒のオパールと人種差別の動画)

Black Opal

I presume you have read my previous posts White Opal and Red Opal. 

I was naturally sad, but I was sorrier that this gentleman was upset because of me.  He knew of my next plan which did not involve Australia for many years, therefore he could not have feared that I might stalk him.  Besides, it was all chaste between us there was hardly anything to regret. Not knowing what infuriated him was the most frustrating part.  Then I chanced upon this video on Australian news site. 

It had been recorded on a train serving the western suburbs of Sydney where it is diversified as the well-to-do eastern suburbs is predominantly white.  One would get the impression that here non-Caucasians outnumber the Caucasians.  I would feel intimidated if this happened in my hometown, so I mildly empathized with one middle-aged Australian woman in the video who started ranting that ‘You Chinese have taken everything from us!’   

But I felt slapped by her next words.  She scoffed at this Aussie white man for ‘dating a Goon because he could not get a regular (white) girlfriend’.  I don’t know what ‘Goons’ means, but the Chinese girlfriend retaliated absolutely enraged.  The Australian middle-aged went on to imitate the poor English pronunciation of the Chinese girl, the act that disgraced herself more than the Chinese girl.  However, by now no amount of caution from the white boyfriend could reach this frustrated middle-aged Australian woman.  She jeered at the Chinese girl and said ‘She probably thinks she has gotten rich (now that she has a white man).’  Oh, dear.  The old image of impoverished Chinese immigrants of the past still haunts them.  You can see some of her ranting in the following site. 

Then it occurred to me.  Am I like that in the eyes of the Australians simply because of my Asian appearance?  The ranting woman was an average Australian woman who would be nice enough to be invited for a tea and be seen in churches.  It was safe to assume that her sentiment is shared with the rest of the Australians.  I knew now what had upset the gentleman from Sydney because I recalled one thing about him that should have prepared me for this.  To be continued.

 前のブログ白オパールと赤いオパールの続きです。 当然ながら悲しかった私ですが、それよりも「紳士」が私のせいで不愉快な思いをした事の方が辛かったです。しかもオーストラリアには当分戻らない私の次なる計画を彼は知っていたのですから私がストーカーする心配などなかった筈です。それに最後まで清かな間だったのですから後悔する程の事はないのです。それなのに何が彼を怒らせたのか見当もつかないのがもどかしかった。そんな時にある動画が豪州の新聞サイトに載りました。 


しかし彼女の次の言葉で叩きつけられました。オーストラリア人の男性に絡みながら「中国系の彼女なんか連れちゃって。まともな(白人の)恋人が出来ない負け犬は哀れだね。」この時Goonという中国人を侮辱する単語を使用したので中国人の女性は怒り心頭で言い返します。しかし豪州おばさんは中国人女性の下手くそな英語の発音を真似して嘲ります。男性が怒っても止まりません。更に「この女は玉の輿に乗ったと得意だろうよ」 あらあら、過去の中国移民の貧乏なイメージは未だについて回っているようです。この豪州おばさんの暴言の次のサイトで聞けたのですが余りにひどい内容に音が消されました。しかし東洋人の細い目を真似るしぐさであざ笑う顔写真はまだ掲載されているので人種差別の実態はこういうものだと伝わると思います。