Friday, 5 September 2014

Red Opal (赤のオパール)

Red opal

I presume you have read my previous posts White Opal and others.  In order to protect the privacy of this gentleman, I can only reveal that he gradually started to smile a little as our conversation progressed.  I was happy more for him than for myself.  Never the one to expect more than given, I focused on taking my mother around Australia who had flown in to help me with the big move out of the country.  This was inevitably going to be her last visit to Australia, therefore we had to make the most of it.  Still I pondered about where to live on my next return to Australia.  Not to Sydney as it was no longer the place I felt comfortable with, but the existence of this gentleman was a proof that people with the same amount of integrity could exist in Australia and that was enough reason for me to give another go at this country of sunshine.  

Looking back I was seeking in this gentleman an affirmation for my decision made a long time ago when I first chose Australia as my adopted home.  To tell you the truth it had not been so peaceful ride.  The last month in particular was literally the last nail in coffin as my neighbours bared their true colour by sabotaging my smooth transition putting obstacles at every step of the way, some even tried to extract personal gain from my situation with an insinuating smile that made me shudder.  And to think they were residents of the well to do Eastern suburbs of Sydney where people are paying millions to buy into.  I felt like my life had been wasted here now that I had to leave.  I really needed this gentleman to be near perfect on many levels. 

Time wait for no one and my last day in Sydney came.  I thanked him for being there when I had needed moral support and then I was lost for words.  The next moment I was grabbed and found myself wrapped with crisp smell of dry grass, or so it seemed.  Both stunned and mesmerized, it was my longest and shortest 120 seconds.  But alas…the gentleman soon regretted it and told me so in no ambiguous manner.  Regret, I can vaguely understood, but he was furious with himself.  Where did that come from? The fate was kind enough to provide me with the answer in a form of YouTube video that made a headline in Australia only two days later.  If it had not been for this, I would have kept my private matters to myself instead of writing it out on blog.  To be continued. 

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時間は容赦なく過ぎシドニー最後の日は来ました。私は心の支えが必要な時に適格なアドバイスをして下さった「紳士」にお礼を述べたら言葉が続かなくなりました。次の瞬間、引き寄せられた私は芳しい枯草の香りに包まれたのです。吃驚しつつも長くて短い120秒でした。しかし…「紳士」はすぐに怒りを露わにしました。後悔なら理解もできたかもしれませんが、怒りとは何だったのだろう?  運命は2日後にYouTubeの動画を通じて答えてくれました。そのビデオは豪州の新聞サイトでも取り上げられたほどの強烈な内容であったのです。この事がなければ私的な事をブログでさらす事は控えていたでしょう。続く。