Saturday, 7 March 2015

Part 1: a questionable type of runner-ups


You will turn the whole world against you if you say ‘winning is not everything, it is the only thing’ unless you are in USA.  I myself used to be put off by strangers who just happened to be seated next to me in the plane, or etc, going on and on about the big houses he owned back in US, how she or he were successful back in US…not noticing my mind had drifted away. 

But that all changed after I learnt the genuine efforts they put in day in and day out, and that many aspects of their life have been turned into competition.  My personality is not perfect so who am I to judge if the winner wants the due recognition for their pain and sweat to become the world’ number one? 

I have probably come to prefer the winners’ open celebration after encountering the clouded side of people who are generally considered to be ‘the runner-ups.’  Or more precisely, I have observed a pattern of behaviour over many years and recently found one element that they shared in commons: being the runner-ups.  To be continued. 

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