Saturday, 5 September 2015

Those shifty eyes have ruined your fashion, lady-Part 1 (その卑しい目つ きでお洒落が台無しですよ、ご婦人(第一回)

The woman stealthy walked up before me when my turn at the checkout counter finally came after waiting 10 customers were being served.  This is Maison de Gallerie Lafayette in on Haussmann where the well to do French would do their groceries.  I only go there for my occasional treats, but there is always a long queue that many time I have just given up buying.  Of course, I could have cheated like this woman who has just jumped the queue whilst trying to look dignified in vain, but that is not my upbringing. 

The sad fact for her is that I would have recognized her as a fake Parisianne before her sly act.  How?  Because of those shifty eyes that had become a habit without her knowing it.  I had seen them before on several occasions.  One stood out in my memory because I ended up having this young brunette in my sight for hours while waiting for the Olympic torch lighting ceremony at Olympia, Greece in 2012.  I stayed in Olympia for 3 nights to watch the ceremony and the dress rehearsal.  The latter allows the audience to be near the performers as close as 10 meters, provided you got there early.  I did, but this young brunette with glasses came late and opted to sit in front of the rope, in front of all of us who had been waiting.  Every time an officer came by she would scuttle away only to return a minute later in her illegal spot.  She was looking around shiftily here and there.  But what disgusted me most was when a group of children was led in by the officer to sit in front of us (which was all right considering their small size we could still see the torch-lighting), she pretended to be their chaperon and sat next to them.  She would flash her fake smile at the children to keep up her charade.  The children did not respond well as if they had sensed that they were being used.

I wanted to forget those shifty sly blue eyes because I hate choking on vulgarity but unfortunately you encounter them quite often in life.  The most recent one, the woman in Maison Galerie Lafayette.  In hindsight she was quite fashionable, but her shifty eyes ruined it all.  And…there was another thing she did right before she jumped the queue.  By that she told herself that her act was justifiable.  You be the judge in my next post. 

Summer is easing out in Paris.  Speaking of Greeks, my last summer attire is marked with prints used by both ancient Greeks and Egypt.  I chose to go with Egypt motif and chose this River Nile Green scarf.  The shop assistant at Diwali showed me that scarf could be worn as a cape. blog fashion
By luck I found the baretta of the matching colour at Alexandre de Paris.  green alexandreThe fringe is still the mode of 2015 in Paris, so I decided to wear for the first time the pair of shoes that come with silver fringe my mother had bought for me at Istanbul in 2012.  In theory the ethnic touch should go well with the dress, but I am not sure.




巴里の夏も終わりギリシャの話がでたついでに私の最後の夏服は古代にギリシャとエジプトに共通する柄で締めくくることに。ナイル川の青緑を選択。いつものDiwali Parisのアシスタントがケープのようにスカーフを腕に巻き付ける方法を提案してくれました。偶然にも同じ色のバレッタがアレクサンドル・ド・パリで見つかり、靴は今年流行りのフリンジがついたものなら良いですかね?偶然これも母がイスタンブールで購入したものです。日本からギリシャとトルコを別々に行くと高くつきますから同じ年に母を両方案内したのです。fringe