Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Those shifty eyes have ruined your fashion, lady-Part 2

bell paeri In the time I have spent in Europe I noticed that the well-educated people avoid political incorrectness by staying away from mentioning nationalities, colour of skin, or religions by distinguishing people as either as ‘the North’ and ‘the South.’  The distinction refers to the difference in the attitude.  ‘The North’ act responsibly without a fuss while ‘The South’ lecture virtues loudly but follow it up with little actions.  This is what I have been informed. 

Back to the LADY with shifty eyes who was observing the crowd before she jumped the queue in one sophisticated place of Paris like Maison Gallerie Lafayette.  She glanced at the person before me who was a white person.  The lady did not move.  Then she saw it was my turn, an Asian.  The LADY darted a glance at the cashier, a woman who seemed one of The South.  Suddenly looking convinced, the LADY with shifty eyes stepped up in front of me and handed an item to the cashier.  To my surprise, the cashier loosely accepted it and proceeded with the purchase.  No cashiers in Australia or Japan would tolerate such a lack of decorum in public so I would say Australians and Japan are The North, thank Christ. 

You might say that this Lady with shifty eyes were racist, but I would not jump to that conclusion because of another incident that happened right before this lady appeared.  I was positioning myself at the end of the queue.  Then from the opposite direction, a man jumped in front of him.  I immediately apologized ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you’ As a Japanese I could not stand the possibility of having jumped the queue unwittingly.  The man said nothing and just looked sullen.  Then I realized that he WAS the one who had jumped in front of me.  I was not angry but rather felt pity for him.  What did he hope to gain by a minute or two?  A person who does not have patient even for such a short time cannot hope to be patient about constructing useful things in life.  His Southern attitude may be the reason he had to leave his home country to seek a better living in other people’s country.  And the lady with shifty eyes may have had too many migrants jumping the queue, aided by ‘the other Souths’ who eroded the system of her beloved France.

I hear Japan has recently further tightened the migrant regulations which cannot impress European countries.  They would say that Japan should follow the lead of Europe.  Well…we have, in a strong and deeper sense of the word.  We have seen what has become of Europe.  In Japan, the locksmith license is hard to obtain.  I hear it is given to only who have passed the credential test, thus the license holders are revered as the most trustworthy of the society.  It is opposite in Paris, I have learnt the hard way.  A man from Portugal told me that the two locksmiths who threatened 3500 euros out of me were originally from Colombia who just happened to be born in Paris.  Whether that is true or not, they looked distinctively ‘the South.’  Everyone told me after the incident about ‘the notorious locksmiths of Paris’ that some of them are to be avoided at all costs.  ‘Lock’ is the foundation of personal security and if that is threatened, the sense of security and trust of the society is lost.  I pray that shall never ever happen in Japan, one of the orderly and peaceful North left in the world'. そのうち和訳します。