Friday, 11 December 2015

Convenient morality VS candid immorality (都合良い紳士面と自覚ある悪人)

climate conference 2015I first saw his message on this social meetup site bringing Parisians and expats together through shared interests or hobbies.  I am not interested in parties or dancing, but I occasionally check for cultural exchange or philosophy discussions.  A week ago I found a message by a man visiting Paris to attend a conference.  As a non-French speaker he would love to relax in evenings in the company of English speakers.  I assumed he wanted to attend one of the meetings, so I clicked LIKE his message wishing him a pleasant stay in Paris. 

I should not have done that.  I immediately received in my private message box his proposal to meet one-on-one.  I politely declined and my reply message is still there visible on the site, but his message disappeared after two days due to the closure of his account.  Why would he do that unless he had something dodgy to hide?  Somewhere in Paris some woman may have gotten used.  He may even have been married.  That alone is none of my business, but that a man like him would attend a conference wearing a suit representing his country or an organization to lecture on whatever, makes me feel jaded about humanity and his convenient morality. 

And now about ‘candid immorality’, and there is novel about it.  It is called ‘The Plot’ written by Melinda de Ross.  Can a thief find a true love with a former prostitute who is plotting a revenge on this Chinese human trafficking organization?  Yoko, a Japanese girl was looking for a career opportunity abroad, but Chinese crooks abused her trust and took her family as hostage so that she would comply.  Classic Chinese mafia mentality.  I applaud the author’s thorough research on the subject because even I (a Japanese) did not know of their existence until I read comments written on a Chinese site.  Chinese parents were surprised to see the photo of Japanese children walking home alone from school because in China that would be an open invitation for child abduction.  the plot

The author handled the situation of the unlikely pair of ‘thief and former prostitute’ with credible details and jokes.  The thief, who candidly admits his failings, turns a mighty ally to save the girl’s life on many levels.  He was shocked initially but did not judge her in the end like other men of convenient morality would.  The book picked me up from my jaded gloom…for a while anyway.  In the real life, the convenient morality prevails and we know it. You can buy it on Amazon.

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