Thursday, 21 January 2016

The headquarter of loyalty (忠誠の本基地)



My life in Paris has been nothing but smooth sailing, but I had always known it wouldn’t be.  I just hope that my new apartment will be the third time lucky for me. 

The location is the dream come true for me.  It is in the neighborhood where the Musketeers’ Headquarter was in the 17th century.  The French author Alexandre Dumas changed my life with his books.  Had I not read his work, I would have strived to make a good housewife, but I was susceptible seventeen years old when I read his books.  I could not literally stopped shaking and crying for two sleepless days until I vowed to write a story myself.  Life got in my way and though I have a realistic expectation for my work, but I’ve always been absolute sure of one thing: if I did not start writing a historical graphic novel I would regret it on my dying moment. dumas


D’Artagnan, Athos, Aramis and Porthos lived near Saint Sulpice and Jardin de Luxembourg.  My heart soared when I offered my New Year prayer to Saint Sulpice despite I had been exhausted from the move.  To become part of a timeless moment in history is always exhilarating.  I shall start jogging around the Jardin de Luxembourg from next week too.   

Now, D’Artagnan and the three musketeers are famous for their motto: all for one, one for all.  It has made such an impact because we know it hardly exists in real life.  But occasionally, life surprises you.  There is this popular boy band in Japan called SMAP.  They were not instant hit, so the agent were about to cut them loose.  One lady volunteered to become their manager and she created a miracle.  The SMAP became the national icons and they have reined for more than a decade.  However, the lady manager was fired in the end.  The agency is not run by Japanese, so I don’t know what is going on there.  But four Japanese artists who felt deeply in debt to their manager, decided to quit the agency.  In America it would have been just another business move, however, in this case, the agency held the power to crush the future of all of them, the lady manager and the four loyal artists.  Now the group SMAP was consisted of five artists and one chose to stay with the agency after the lady manager quitted, not before, which foiled her plan to start afresh with the band she had nurtured into stardom.  She is driven out of the entertainment industry and buried for good.  I thought it was harsh but as the person of this industry he must have foreseen her plight.  The prospect of the four loyal members also looks gloomy.  However, one moment spark of their action did prove to me that ‘all for one, one for all’ can exist in this dark cold world filled with betrayal.  Their names are: Mr. Nakai, Mr. Kusanagi, Mr. Katori and Mr. Inagaki. 

私のパリ生活は決して楽ではなかったが、覚悟していた事です。それでも3度目の引越しの新居は場所柄心躍ります。 昔からの夢だったのです、三銃士の本拠地に住むのが。フランス作者DUMAS氏は私の人生を変えてしまいました。彼の本を読まなければ私は普通にお嫁さんになる事を目的としていたでしょうが、彼の本を読んだ後感動で体が2日も震えが止まらず、寝不足なのに興奮した頭で自分も何か作品を書こうと決意してやっと震えが落ち着いたのです。人生色々ありましたが一貫していた事は結果がどうあれ作品を書き始めなければ最後の瞬間後悔で死にきれないであろうという事でした。