Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Discount, sale and bargains are beautiful words (割引、セール、訳あり 品、何と美しい言葉でしょ)

la fayette

The Christmas trees are still donning Paris because it is still considered a festive period, which spells ‘Solde’ in this fashion capital.  It has been my second winter sale since I moved to Paris.  My curiosity was piqued last year and I went into a mini shopping frenzy, but as you would know it, my enthusiasm for fashion faded in less than a year.  I was born a fashion clueless after all. 

However, last year’s shopping frenzy accumulated loyalty points which came in handy when buying kitchen wares and curtains for my new room.  This year I remembered to wait until the third discount.  Last year I was disappointed because I purchased too soon.  I have also found a place where I can buy bio fruits cheaper for being visually odd.  The taste is as good as the fully priced versions.  Now that is called a bargain. 

Discount, sale and bargains, the three beautiful words are back in my life.  Paris is still mesmerizing with all the historical monuments and many international events, but somehow everyday stability may have been established in my life here, finally.  I am cooking more at home than eating out. 

As for why my interest in fashion faded.  Initially I was dazzled by the beautiful coordination of Parisians, women and men, but now I can look pass the glamour and see the visage or face of the person.  I would say ‘Oh, God!’ followed occasionally by ‘what a picture perfect!’ while the rest of the time I am forced into silence.  Fashion makes you trendy, but not beautiful.  Hats seem popular among non-French man wannabe Parisian.  Because of its proximity to the face, it is the most defining piece of fashion.  They say it is the frame that makes the picture…well in theory may be, but not always in the real life.  Depending on the class or the face it is crowning, the wearer may look either elegant or just a trendy clown.  Unfortunately his attitude is not as friendly, but as vain as if he were a gorgeous model.  I must stay away from this type of man because his attitude would see him jump in the wagon of someone in power and look down on the ordinary people like me as if he were that powerful person in charge.