Saturday, 11 February 2017

Prime Minister Abe is not rolling up his eyes in disgust

I was going to continue with my true horror stories in Paris, but I felt the need of putting out a Japanese take on Mr. Abe’s reaction after the much talked handshake with President Trump. 

I watched the video many times to be sure but I do not see disgust, at least Japanese way, in Mr. Abe’s expression.  It is a typical reaction by straight Japanese men who just came out of the slightest physical contact with other men.  Awkwardness.  Mr. Abe was not disgusted by Mr. Trump because the reason the handshake got prolonged was the persistent request made by the Japanese media.  They kept asking the leaders to be facing each other, or something or that sort, but they asked so in Japanese (for crying out loud) to the American President.   President Trump had to ask ‘what are they saying?’ in exasperation.

Therefore, our Prime Minister Abe, would not judge President Trump knowing full well that it was the press people to be blamed for the handshake.  In the end he had to say in English ‘Look at me’ which was too feminine to most Japanese men’s ideas.  Mr. Abe was rolling up his eyes to hide his feeling of awkwardness, not at President Trump.