Goliah has finally fallen in the True Horror stories-Part 29


It took my wrist 20 months to regain its full strength.   I was preparing to resume my blog and the graphic novel when a piece of news sent a shock wave through my quartier of Paris. It was the fall of Goliath, the man whose name we must not mention. Many could not believe our Goliath, who had won many accolades as the protector of the weak, was caught for malfeasance, namely exploitation charge. Why does this sound so familiar? Ah, yes, Mme HARMONY.   But she was an insignificant abuser while this Goliath was on the top of society's pyramid. The impossible happened, and the dark cloud blocking my way started to lift. He was the one who endorsed the permit of the restaurant from Hell after reversing the sensible decision of the former administrator.

The news was timely because Mr PRIDE had leased his cursed venue out to a third new tenant after ten months of closing his cursed restaurant. My apartment, by this time, was professionally insulated; I waited in relative calm. There was, however, one thing that worried me. He was, after all, the second type of evil: sycophant, aka enabler of the predator.   He would invest time and good behaviour into developing a relationship with the rich or the famous. But he would be an arrogant weasel to the ordinary folks outside his circle. I had a bad feeling when he chose to renovate his kitchen before the reopening.  

Mirror that reflects your soulAnd wouldn't you know it, Mr PRIDE had expanded his kitchen and installed more machines! A new, pumped-up noise penetrated the insulation materials in my apartment. The restaurant from Hell returned like a walking dead. The renovation ended up in not just noise but more odour spreading widely. This affected other residents too.   Mr PRIDE did not honour his promises to the landlords of the building to protect the living standard of the residents.   Possible repercussions of his betrayal did not worry him at the time because this renovation took place before the fall of Goliath.  Also, the most vocal opposition against the restaurant, Mme HARMONY was gone, leaving that stupid Asian worm, namely me, behind alone to fend for herself. He used to be sorry that he could not electrocute the worm out of this world, but she became harmless, so there were no problems.

This worm, however, was forged by numerous hardships Paris had put me through. Nevertheless, the misfortune did not break me to the point I would lose myself. I still maintained sympathy bone in me, naïve as it sounds, so I hesitated to involve the new manager, who probably had been lied to by Mr PRIDE. I shall call him Mr MODEST, whom I considered a victim at that point. If he were a decent man, I could offer to pay for insulating the machines in his kitchen, which would have gotten Mr PRIDE off the hook. Still, something held more value than taking revenge on that man, at least to me. 

I was not wholly imbecile though and decided that I would need a legal witness to ensure that Mr MODEST did not strip off the insulation afterwards, or worse, take the insulation gears with him to his next place. I started searching for a new lawyer who specialized in noise problems. I chose carefully, remembering my bitter failure with my old lawyer. One lawyer ticked all the boxes, and she was a French lady lawyer who spoke English.   Her reputation was favourable all around; perfect.

Having secured legal aid, I went to dine at the new restaurant to check out Mr MODEST, hoping we could work things together. The man was all smiling from ear to ear, spoke some English, and was a hit with tourists. I wished to believe in his sincerity, but when I tasted the food…it was overpriced for its quality. His chocolate dessert must have been sitting in the fridge for a long time, dry and hardened on the top. With a mixed feeling, I went back home. I noticed that the kitchen fire door was open. Did not Mr PRIDE tell him that it was against the regulations? Then I heard the angry voice, even abusive, of Mr MODEST. He was yelling down on his chef, evidently of the minority groups. What a stark contrast to the all-smile man I spoke to just a minute ago. 

A few days later, there was a knock on my door.  A girl was standing there, visibly shaken.   She was a new tenant who had just moved into the apartment above the other end of the restaurant. Mice were crawling up from the restaurant into her apartment. She had already complained to Mr MODEST, but he yelled at her that 'every restaurant in Paris has mice. Get a cat!   It's not my problem!' 

I was shocked because a mouse was never seen even under Mme HEART's lousy management. The same with Mme GRATITUDE' period. What an atrocious sense of hygiene Mr MODEST had! He was lying about mice in Paris too. It was serious enough for the Syndic to intervene.   Even the CEO demanded Mr PRIDE to eradicate the pest. The treatment was carried out, but mice would still be seen crawling out from the restaurant three times. Mr MODEST took the name 'the restaurant from Hell' to another level.

My hope of an amicable, peaceful solution was fast evaporating. Mr MODEST was abusive to his employees, did not give a rat about the health of his neighbours, and he was betraying his clients by serving old food. The chef he scolded was unsatisfactory, so he hired a veteran chef part-time. The veteran chef came in only once a week and would cook the amount of food to last 5 days at least. The clients who dined on Sunday would be served 5-day-old food.  Mr MODEST even cheated the authority by marking on his window 'service non-stop/continu' when his restaurant had the license to operate only up to 10:30 pm. The man was befitting to run the restaurant from Hell.  He was even more experienced than Mr PRIDE, for that matter.  

I contacted the authority with the help of my new French lawyer.  Intervention by the authority started in 2020. The process was interrupted a few times by Covid pandemic and Russian War, and it still has not entirely run its course.  Thus, I cannot upload the details here lest I compromise the result, but the process has been unbelievable. I hope to share them with you shortly.