About The Rules of Retribution

This graphic blog is not about a hero saving the corrupted world. Have we not all seen the triumphant heroes become power-hungry dictators? Corruption sets in, and the vicious cycle resumes. So, what is different about The Rules of Retribution?  

We know that life is never equal to everyone, but there is a theory that we may have chosen our challenge before birth, some seeking a hard life on purpose. According to several spiritual mediators, the rewards for their souls will be a higher status in the universe. The catch is that we don't remember our choice once we are born; thus, we feel cheated when confronted by those who have it more, if not all: wealth, power, fame and good looks. It gets nastier when some 'winners on earth' abuse their advantages and deprive 'those who chose a harder life.'

Nemesis, aka Goddess of Retribution, is seen half-hidden among the trees of the Garden of Eden.  Her silver star-like mark is shining too.

The religious leaders would condemn this theory, but how else can we come to terms with the murder of so many people who did not deserve to die? We need to believe that their death was not a defeat but the fulfilment of their choice of challenge.  Of course, it would have been great had they succeeded in repelling the predators.  Still, their defeat in the secular world proves that they did not drop their aspiration and, thus, shall be rewarded by the universe.   

As for the retribution for those predators, I shall mainly share the cases I have witnessed while keeping an open mind to the discoveries by some mediators who seem reasonably sane.  This graphic novel will consist of a list of short episodes, slowly building up to the inevitable.  Occasionally my family duties (looking after my weak mother) will get in my way, but I will try to upload regularly.