The mysterious comic will finally be here

A comic about a mystery of retribution in life is finally coming here for free.  Rather than self-publishing books I have opted to offer it on my blog and hope to attract many ‘ clicks ’ instead.  My new life in Paris was not smooth sailing at all.  I was even exposed to its dark side.  It hindered me for good 5 years and the battle is still going on, but the experience did not turn me sour.  I did not allow it to beat me that much.  Also, I encountered the mystery of retribution on the way.  In fact, my life before Paris is making sense too now.  I hope you will be shocked and comforted by the graphic novel that I am working on.   I wrote this post because the engineer I consulted has finally connected my blog to Google Console Search yesterday.  Best wishes from The Third Red Apple  

Recycling of SAPIN

Sapin is a French word for this.  My first live Christmas tree ever.  I watered it well and cherished every second it graced my humble apartment in Paris.  I knew I could not keep it forever as it would turn fire hazard after some time, but I could not bear the thought of dumping it in the garbage bin either.  But then France had a wonderful solution. Here is the corner of Place des Vosges where Sapins to be recycled are piled.  They would be treated by professionals and made into something wonderful.  After I removed all the ornaments, I let my tree rest in a tab of water for a couple of hours.  It looked pretty good and it joined other sapins.  My dear tree would not be lonely in the company of many other trees. 初めての生きたクリスマスツリー。捨てるのは辛いですが、マレ地区の公園の隅に専用のリサイクルコーナーが政府により設けられ、ここに置いておけばプロの手で何かに生まれかわるそうです。お別れ前にたっぷりと水を吸わせてお礼をいってからお仲間の間に置いてきました。 にほんブログ村

Already some shocking news in France 2021

After living more than five years in Paris and the novelty has worn off, you start paying more interest in the local news.   The year 2021 was greeted in France with the image of Notre Dame Cathedral with a blasting rock tune on the national TV screen only to be quickly followed by a gruesome news of ‘ a man dies with his head torn off after a firework mortar fire in Eastern France.’   Then 2500 party animals participated in a rave party near Bretagne without wearing masks.   The local TV commentators are livid that it may lead to a large Corona cluster.   Of course, it will and all this for in the hope of meeting someone to have a fling or relationship? It was the wrong place to look for relationships when all the participants lacked consideration for other people’s health.   They did not give a toss to the people the participants would come in contact before and after the rave party.   Such selfishness is not a solid ground for a meaningful relationship, but the people like this w

Corona virus has flushed out the bad ones

I am still alive.  I am back in Paris to complete my process of acquiring residency status in France.  After hanging onto the same address above the restaurant from Hell for a duration required for qualifying, I was finally granted the Carte de Residency which will allow me to stay in France for the next 10 years.  I can finally move out but Covid 19 environment makes it scary to go search for a new place, so I am stuck here for a while to observe the fate of this restaurant below. The first two managers failed miserably and the current manager picked up a bargain.   I hope he deserves such a tremendous luck. In the other part of Le Marais, I noticed a vacant looking restaurant.  In fact it was up for sale.  I have once dined here and was disgusted by the excessive amount of refrigerators and freezers which were kept on the ground floor, instead of doing the decent thing and keep them on the basement.  The infrasound noise was unbearable even during the daytime, I deplored the fate o

Germany is purchasing anti-infuenza drug from Japan to combat Corona virus

Despite the Japanese government is considering offering the anti-influenza drug Avigan for free to countries looking to use it to treat new coronavirus patients, Germany would not take chances and they have decided to purchase millions of Avigan from Japan.  With the help of their military, the drug will be distributed to the hospitals nationwide.   I hope Avigan saves more lives.

Prayer does not save you from Coronavirus

The Corona death toll of Catholics and the Catholic priests is steadily rising.  I still believe in God, but we are made to realize somberly that we are going to need something more than prayer. Japan is mass-producing our anti-Virus called Abighan which has proven effective against Corona Virus.   However, it is not conclusive as pregnant women may suffer side effects.   But other advanced nations such as France (its Pasteur research team) are working on a cure which I am sure will triumph over the virus one day.   The number of the infected is rising in Japan too, but the death rate has been kept low that the other advanced nation suspects of the Japanese to have already developed the immune system to this virus.   This is unlikely because unlike Chinese people, we don’t consume bats nor snakes that have feasted on Asian bats.   In fact in some areas in Japan where residents were annoyed by the migrating Asian bats eventually discovered that the plant ‘peppermint’ repels the As

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 71

A weird thing happened two weeks ago.   Mme. Landlord who had sold her apartment was seen wondering in the garbage room of the building.   Of course, I nearly screamed.   What is it with this woman and her obsession with the garbage?   I have heard that the French people are not big on cleanness, but this still felt extreme.   It gave me a shudder when she looked at me and smiled a little, as if she had run into an old friend.   This was the woman who sent an abusive slander about me to everyone in the building last month.   What did she expect from me? I returned her greeting politely but coldly and walked past her without slowing down.   No more the usual and well-known Japanese warm smile.   I am a traditional Japanese woman who would tolerate condescension, selfishness, impoliteness, what have you, for a very long time, but once we have burnt the bridge, you do not exist to us.   I am not morally above revenge, but mere breathing of the same air with the disappointing person ma