Best Pancakes in Sydney-Summer Christmas (Part5)絶品パンケーキとシドニー 真夏のクリスマス

Merry Christmas breadHello from the Santa Bread.  Pancakes recipes are varied: plain milk classic; fluffy buttermilk type; thin French crepes; fat layers of ricotta cheese with whipped egg white.  Lucky for us Brasserie Bread is now offering a new type made with sour dough batter.  The cafe happens to be located near Sydney Kingsford Airport so tourists too can enjoy one of the most popular cafés in Sydney during the transit.  Now as I have been repeating in my Blog, Sydney property prices have hiked that young talents may often need to start outside the city center.  Therefore, do not be put off by its location.  The food is excellent here and I hear the city folks drive over to queue for this cafe in the weekend.  The exterior is unassuming, but push the door in and you will be met with the crusty flavor of the award-winning sour dough breads. Cafe bbThe wall is adorned with the certificate of the awards.  So let’s start with their Slow cooked pork with sweet potato hash accompanied by two slices of the celebrated sour bread.  Slow cooked pork and sweet potato hushHash is a western food but the pork is flavoured with Asian touch.  This is a multi-cultural nation after all.  Bit salty, but well-tempered by the sweetness of the sweet potato hush. coffee It would be a crime to forgo their organic coffee. 

Now, the pancakes. The texture is close to thick crumpets, a Scottish yeast risen pancake, but the sour dough pancakes are fluffier.PancakesAs a purist I was tempted to order Maple and Banana pancake, but the fruit berry version is the shop’s signature dish and it may be more suitable for the warm summer morning.  See the brown honey comb cream crowning over the berry compote made with fresh fruits?  The layers are thick, but very light and simple you can wolf it down in a second. 

Monday to Friday - 7.00am to 3.00pm
Saturday & Sunday - 8.00am to 2.00pm
Public Holiday - Closed
1737 Botany Road, Banksmeadow, NSW 2019

I would not imagine the taxi drive would be long from the airport to this delightful café, but if you do not want to risk missing your flights, you may want to try their branch shop in Domestic Terminal.  In fact I had a breakfast there last week before my trip to Penang, so I shall report to you if the food was the same in my next blog.  

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パンのサンタさんが飾ってあるお店、実は新種のパンケーキが味わえるシドニーの人気カフェですが国際航空に近いので乗り継ぎの間にタクシー飛ばせば観光客も楽しめます。不動産がはね上がったシドニーで若き才能あるシェフは郊外で始める事もあるのですが週末には街から車を飛ばして並ぶほどの人気カフェです。質素な外観のBrasserie Breadですが、ドアを開ければ数々の賞に輝いた酵母パンの香ばしい香りが…まずは豚肉とさつまいものハッシュ。ハッシュは西洋料理ですが、豚肉は中華風。ここは多国籍国家ですから。塩味とオレンジ色の豪州さつまいもの甘味の調和がとれていていけます。有名なパンもついてきますし。オーガニックコーヒーも是非。いよいよパンケーキ。スコットランドのイースト菌で膨らませたクランペットを分厚くした感じ。でも酵母パンケーキはもっとふわふわ, しかも油分控えめでさっぱり。むっちりパンとケーキの中間の感触の酵母パンケーキは新しくて話のタネだけにでもお勧め。私は正統派としてメープルとバナナで注文しかけましたがベリー果物仕上げがこの店の看板。夏の朝には爽やかで合うでしょう。茶色いクリームは蜂蜜入り。分厚いのにペロリと食べれます。(住所と営業時間は英語分を参照)お急ぎの方には空港内の支店をどうぞ。実は私も先週旅行前に空港支店で朝食を摂りましたので次のブログで報告します。それと「レバ刺し」にもしも興味がおありになれば上の黄色のバーに三番目赤りんごの旅路とありますのでポチっとすれば一見脈絡のない流れがつながります。

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