Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sydney summer Christmas + FAB cupcakes:シドニー真夏のクリスマスと絶品カ ップケーキ

Christmas tree redIn my last entry I was flying off to Darwin, but as Christmas is upon us, I have opted instead on a special Christmas article.  It is damn too hot for heavy Christmas pudding and custard sauce, so here in Sydney some celebrate with cupcakes.  Sprinkle of white coconut resembles snow.  white cup cakesI have tried these cute goodies pretty much everywhere from Europe across to Asia, but Ghermez, more precisely their red velvet cupcakes are the top! cupcakes 2 It is owned by a lady from Persia and her head chef is French.  What a winning combination.  Their sponge is fluffy and low on fat, but not dry.  Despite the red coloring, a strong cocoa flavor will delight you.  The cheesy icing is just right.  I gobble down three of them in one sitting and would go for more if I wasn’t watching my weight.  Ghemez is expanding so you’d better check their site for their new shops. 

Now for the special wish that is befitting of Christmas.  An artist was giving away his drawings in front of Queen Victoria Building.  His drawing of Koala attracted my attention.  I have seen real koalas so I know their eyes are drowsy and blank.  However, Andre, the artist, had given gentle looking eyes to his koala drawing.  Maybe it reflects his personality. Andre's KoalaI left some small donation and asked his contact details.  I am not a rich celebrity who can buy up his works but at least I can upload his drawing with the contact details of his studio on Christmas Eve.  Andre at Lennox Street Studios, Newtown (TEL) 0406-744092.  Best wishes to you all.

前回DARWINへ旅に出かけた私。でもクリスマスなので一時内容を変更します。熱い南半球に重いケーキはつらいので軽くカップケーキで祝うことも。ココナッツをあしらった白いアイシングが雪のよう。red velvetカップケーキは欧州やアジアで結構味わった私ですがGhermezのカップケーキ、正確にはRed Velvetが断トツです。これだけはシドニー離れても取り寄せたいです。オーナーはペルシア人でシェフはフランス人の素晴らしいペア。日本のカップケーキ並みに油控えめで、それでいて洋菓子を知り尽くした豊かな風味。赤いスポンジから想像できないココアの香ばしい香りが鼻をくすぐります。チーズのアイシングも絶妙で一度に3個食べてしまいます。Ghemez Cupcakeはシドニーの町中にも2軒ありますが移動中なのでサイトで前もって調べて是非! Macaroons


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  1. […] Nothing lets me down more than bitter aftertaste of artificial colouring and syrup, but fortunately Ghermez, my favorite cupcake shop in Sydney uses real fruits in their cakes.  I haven’t confirmed it with them, but the proof is in its taste and texture.  I am chiefly a chocolate fan, but for Ghermez Strawberry icing, I will gladly make an exception.   Check my old post for their addresses.  http://thethirdredapple.com/2013/12/24/sydney-summer-christmas-part-7-fab-cupcakes-and-special-wish%… […]