Going vegetarian in a tropical winter(熱帯の冬は健康的に菜食を)

Jungle 2The readers of my blog may remember that I visited Darwin, the kingdom of crocodiles, but had to break up the travel journey and insert Christmas and New year posts.  Today I resume where I left off. wani

Actually it was my second visit and I did all the sight-seeing the first time round.  My mom was petrified of the crocs which was odd as she adores hand bags made of crocodile skin.  In fact I had seen her tiny body sporting not one but three reptile skin bags over the years.  

The purpose of my second visit to the top end of Australia was their fresh fruits and vegetables.  Considering its location which is closer to Indonesia than other states in Australia, my heart was set on some spicy Asian vegetarian curry.  Lucky for me, and tourists in general, the popular vegetarian eatery Eat At Martin’s (6 Caryota court, Coconut Grove. N.T 0810) is close to the airport so you can enjoy it between your flights.  Bali curryTheir Bali curry was the TOP!  Better than any veggie curry I ever had in Sydney so that says something. rose smoothie 

Martin’s lassie is made of raspberry, almond milk and rose-water.  Delightful and even sexy.  


Beetroot Pastie is as yummy as it looks beautiful red.  

beetroot pie

Lentil salad packs ‘health’ with parsley, coconut, raisins, caper, fresh mint dressing.


Chickpea Chocolate cake was as moist and deep in flavor as any conventional chocolate cakes.  Raw Carrot cake is for you if you love dried fruits.   




My favorite was Lime and Poppy Seed Cheese Cake.  It is rich in taste but light on stomach, smooth in texture. 

lime cheese cakeMartin would serve nothing but organic coffee, of course.  organic coffeeVegetarians have it good in Darwin.    

Now, I have to slip in PR for my graphic novels which have finally received a good review.  Please, read sample pages by clicking any of the book covers on the right side bar.   Copyright 2013 by Mirror Miroir/THE THIRD RED APPLE All Rights Reserved.


a bite of cheese cake写真手前の生人参ケーキは好きと微妙と意見が割れそう。個人的にはライムの黄色いチーズケーキがおすすめ。コンデンスミルクで懐かしい風味。なめらかで胃にもたれません。無論、コーヒーは無農薬。Darwinの菜食主義者は幸せです。それと「レバ刺し」にもしも興味がおありになれば上の黄色のバーに三番目赤りんごの旅路とありますのでポチっとすれば一見脈絡のない流れがつながります。