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Bias under the shield of fairness and Asian desserts (アジアの甘みと一方 的な告発を鵜呑みにする人)

I never took to Cendol, a bowl of sweet cold coconut milk soup with strips of green jellies, but that all changed when I tasted the real thing in Penang.  I have already introduced Joo Hooi Café in my past posts.  It is located next to the hugely popular Cendol shop and you can beat the long queue if you order through Joo Hooi after your meal.  The commission is minuscule. The jellies are flavoured with fresh  (I think)  extract of Pandang leaves or stems and that made a HUGE difference adding depth to the dish, which is a stark contrast to the copies I have tasted outside Malaysia.  Cendol’s recipe is available online, but the Malays would not tolerate tasteless strips of jelly coloured with artificial green colour.  Not for the first time was I reminded in Penang never to judge unless you have checked the real things.  And the same goes for people.  Despite my caution, media still gets to me, but some writers have been found out to be less than truthful.  This is where some corny wri