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Addictive Yunnan Noodle and the price of copy-cat part 2 (中毒になる雲南 麺と猿真似の代償第二, 和訳は英文の下)

It’s a big credit to any eatery when customers from overseas come back for more .  Yunnan Len Hah Yuen in Taipei and their clear broth noodle is my favorite.  I was not alone as almost all the diners ordered this addictive noodle, even after they had knocked off a dinner course.  Kudos to the owner who has the courage to stick to the basic.  Let’s go back to one of those people who wanted fancy, the painter I used to know.  Australia has wildly been known to be egalitarian society, but there has been one type of classicism developing in Sydney for all I know.  The mining boom and the rich it has brought Australia accelerated polarization of the  society in two sectors: the private school clan and the public school group.  Many parents have made the same comment on all kinds of media: we want to send our children to a private school so they can have a better future than others.  Our painter chap was also socially ambitious type and in my last post I described how he copied everything ab

The legendary Pepper Meat Bun in Taipei and the price of copy-cat (伝説 の域到達の胡椒肉饅頭と猿真似の代償, 和訳は英文の下)

The shop is hidden in the back alley of Taipei.  It just goes to prove that location is not what it takes to succeed.  What a pleasure it was to see so many cooks gathered to create one food only.   Oh, those beauties being cooked inside the heated pot, but you must reserve them and receive a ticket.  It was worth the wait.  My teeth went through the flaky crust and reached the juicy meat.  Peppery fragrance teased my nostrils and I was in heaven.   I didn't have to pay a fortune for it ether. Its size was as big as a tennis ball, but I gobbled down two in one sitting.  I saved the third one for midnight snack.   I shall upload the shop sign so you won’t get taken in by the copy-cat fake shops on the main street.  Stealing the fruits of other people’s efforts must be a smart thing to do for some people.  You can make quick buck…but at what cost?  Of course, money is important, but I have lived long enough to know that one can end up paying more than the money begotten through copy-

Back-alley gourmet in Taipei and the grace of working class (台北裏道で 見つけた強力水餃子)

From Penang I flew to Taipei of Taiwan to taste the real thing.  I would not deny the charm of ever evolving Hong Kong cuisine, but there are times for food that has stood the test of time.  I would have headed straight for my favorite restaurant, but their lunch time had finished.  No worries as in Taipei is full of jewels.  Within two minutes-walk of my hotel I discovered one.  I can’t quite pronounce it so I’ll just upload the store sign.  I had a hunch it was good before I even saw the media report hung proud on the wall because of quiet pride and joy in the eyes of their workers. Now, those who read my previous post may think I am having trouble with my old neighbor because she is a bogan of working class background.  No.  I resent her for putting on airs with me pretending to be an elegant English lady and assuming an immigrant like me would not know better.  Well, it so happens I was raised in England during my kinder garden years and I remember the manner of a real sensitive En

Another yummy noodle in Penang and the tower of Babel(ペナン島の美味な る麺とパべルの塔)

On my last day in Penang I ventured out to the suburbs to visit the Heaven Temple.  It is a multi-layered temple in the term of design。 Chinese and a few South Asian styles have blended marvelously.  It did not have a long history but the scale of it was enough to impress me.  Nearby the temple was the best, much photographed Penang sour Laska’s stall.  I had never eaten at a stall because I was concerned about hygiene, but as the Malaysian driver introduced the stall with pride, I felt obliged to give it a go.  It was so delicious and I suffered no illness afterwards.  Its soup was amazingly multi-layered in taste and flavour, another example of successful multi-nationalism which is not always the case in other countries.    I’ve lived in Sydney for years where I witnessed and even experienced the ugly side of malfunctioned multi-nationalism.   So what is the difference?  I should never generalize, but maybe multi-nationalism cannot work well when one group is bigger than other group