Another yummy noodle in Penang and the tower of Babel(ペナン島の美味な る麺とパべルの塔)

Heaven templeOn my last day in Penang I ventured out to the suburbs to visit the Heaven Temple.  It is a multi-layered temple in the term of design。 Chinese and a few South Asian styles have blended marvelously.  It did not have a long history but the scale of it was enough to impress me.  Nearby the temple was the best, much photographed Penang sour Laska’s stall.  Laska signI had never eaten at a stall because I was concerned about hygiene, but as the Malaysian driver introduced the stall with pride, I felt obliged to give it a go.  It was so delicious and I suffered no illness afterwards.  Its soup was amazingly multi-layered in taste and flavour, another example of successful multi-nationalism which is not always the case in other countries.   I’ve lived in Sydney for years where I witnessed and even experienced the ugly side of malfunctioned multi-nationalism.  

Best Laska noodle

So what is the difference?  I should never generalize, but maybe multi-nationalism cannot work well when one group is bigger than other groups, particularly when the bigger group's ancestors happened to have built the nation putting in the roads, fencing and mapping, etc, it would be natural that they should be proud of their heritage and expect some precedence over the new comers.   So as an immigrant I made it my point to respect that heritage and did not expect to be accepted into the community until I had contributed in some way.  I am not one of those immigrants with sense of entitlement and belief that they do not live within the law of their new country.  However, due to my limited capacity my contribution was made in a small way like doing chores that others did not want to do around the apartment.  Gradually my neighbors' attitude turned amicable towards me.

And then this old woman moved in.   She was uneducated and demanding of everyone but in me she found a scapegoat for all her problems in her life and workplace even though I don't even know where she works.  But what really hurt was seeing my old neighbors surreptitiously withdrawing their support from me.  I can understand they do not want to cop the trash from this old woman themselves and it may be easy to forget the years of my hard work dedicated to the apartment in charity, but I had a little more faith in them.  With a heavy heart I booked a trip to a tropical South Asia, but when I return I will have to make the arrangement to leave the apartment.  The lesson of the Tower of Babel is not to be taken lightly.


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