The legendary Pepper Meat Bun in Taipei and the price of copy-cat (伝説 の域到達の胡椒肉饅頭と猿真似の代償, 和訳は英文の下)

Meat bunThe shop is hidden in the back alley of Taipei.  It just goes to prove that location is not what it takes to succeed.  What a pleasure it was to see so many cooks gathered to create one food only.  Taipei kitchen

Oh, those beauties being cooked inside the heated pot, but you must reserve them and receive a ticket.  It was worth the wait.  My teeth went through the flaky crust and reached the juicy meat.  Peppery fragrance teased my nostrils and I was in heaven.   I didn't have to pay a fortune for it ether.Pepper meat bunIts size was as big as a tennis ball, but I gobbled down two in one sitting.  I saved the third one for midnight snack.   I shall upload the shop sign so you won’t get taken in by the copy-cat fake shops on the main street. 


Stealing the fruits of other people’s efforts must be a smart thing to do for some people.  You can make quick buck…but at what cost?  Of course, money is important, but I have lived long enough to know that one can end up paying more than the money begotten through copy-catting. 

In this respectable Sydney suburb stood a detached house.  One day a painter who had acquired a small fortune moved into one side which displeased the executive who had lived in the other side.  The executive who sent his daughter to a private school, refused to let her play with the painter’s daughter who went to a public school.  I did not find the executive likable, but the painter’s manners were rather coarse.  Though it never bothered me, the painter surprisingly was acutely self-conscious.  He started copy-catting the executive.  Whatever the executive had, he bought it.   The executive read newspaper in his side of garden, the painter started reading one too, although I often found him dozing off holding the newspaper in his hand.

Then one day a miracle happened.  Or was it?  Find out what in my next post.    Now, please allow me to slip in PR for my graphic novels which have finally received good reviews.  Please, read sample pages by clicking any of the book covers on the right side bar.   The newest book is on the top.  However, if it is a free digital amulet of Orient you are after, why not click the following page?




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