Crisp Egg wrap for Easter and the part 4 of the price of copy-catting充 実な卵餅と猿真似の代償の続き4(和訳は英文の下)

soy milk and egg pancakeHappy Easter to you all.  Eggs symbolizes Easter, so instead of the chocolate versions, why not try Taiwanese Egg crisp wrap for a change?  Complemented with a bowl of soy milk, this is a Taiwanese typical breakfast. It is crisp on outside but spongy on inside, a surprise which is pleasant in food, but not always so in human nature. 

Back to the painter who copy-catted everything about his neighbor, the executive.  I did not mention before that the latter was an English-descendent.  Was he proud of it I have no way of knowing, but our painter and his wife, both unmistakingly Australians wearing tongs (cheap beach sandal) everywhere even to the airport, reacted odd.  Their voice was loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear their conversation.  As the English executive spoke calmly I did not hear him but the painter’s wife was lecturing him that having a kind heart was more important than status or education…as if implying the English or the educated people had no empathy.  However, to her husband’s employees who were mostly immigrants, she spoke condescendingly putting on the air as if she was a graceful English lady.  According to the painter’s wife, if you can set a table for a dinner party as shown in Vogue magazine and throw in the word ‘elegant’ in your conversation, you turn classy.  I wonder if an English lady would walk around her garden in underwear exposing herself to the public eyes, but I have met many Australians who introduced themselves as English to me only to have other Australians jump in to expose the lie.  I have not yet figured out why they do that.

So, back to the well-to-do Eastern Suburb of Sydney.  This painter had a daughter who grew up watching the inconsistent behavior of two parents while being spoiled rotten as the painter was successful in his job and all cashed up.  I still remember her, not because she possessed any outstanding features, but because of the conceited face staring at me over the fence.  To be continued to the part 5. 

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