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Marble cup cake and Part 5 of the price of copy-catting(マーブルカップケ ーキと猿真似の代償第五)

marble cupcakeMarble cream is a brilliant solution when you just can’t decide on which flavor you want more.  Some of us face the same dilemma with our own identity.  

Now back to the painter who had a daughter who looked about the same age as his English neighbour’s daughter.  Initially the English gentleman did not allow them to play together, but eventually caved in.  The painter and his wife dressed their daughter in the similar frilly dress as the English girl, which was a disaster.  The English girl was pretty and fragile while the painter’s daughter was peculiarly butch for a girl.  Two of them side by side in the same dress...was the proof that dress does not make a princess.  Their manners could not have been more different.  The English girl would use a fork when eating her sweets, but the painter’s daughter would grab it and stuff her face.  The stereotype of films and novels is ‘the well-bred girls bullying the poor.’  In the real world you see the opposite quite often.  The painter’s butch daughter was bossing the  demure English girl around.  Soon she stopped playing with the bully.  That was about time when the painter’s daughter turned her attention on me. 

One afternoon she bent one finger at me over the fence as if beckoning a dog.  This I forgive her because she was still a child and may have well confused me with the immigrants working for her father.  But her scheming smile was not innocent as I noticed she was holding a bucket full of water.  ‘Come closer, come closer.’  She repeated as she raised the bucket.  I slowly did as I was told and pulled back at the last moment.  The girl lost her balance and splashed herself.  She was furious but could not quite explain the incident to the painter who walked into the backyard a few minutes later.  Instead she pointed a finger at me and yelled.  ‘What is THAT doing here?!’  Not She, but THAT.  The painter said ‘Darling, be nice to the guests in our country.’  The painter had copied the way the English executive neighbor spoke despite him being an Aussie bloke.  Did he use the term ‘Guest’ as in friend?  Or was he implying I should leave?  Judging from his daughter’s attitude raised by the painter, I can imagine what was being said in the privacy of their home.   To be continued

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marble cupcake2



ある午後、娘は私に対して指を曲げて犬を呼び寄せるようなしぐさをしました。子供だから許しますがペンキ屋に雇われていた移民のアルバイトとの差がつかなかったのでしょう。しかし悪巧みを隠す笑顔は純真ではなく、手に水一杯のバケツを持っていました。「こっち、おいで。こっちにおいで」そ~っとバケツを持ち上げています。私もゆっくり言う通りにして土壇場で体をひきました。驚いてバランス崩した娘は自分が水を被る羽目に。怒り狂うものの数分後に帰宅したペンキ屋に説明できないので私を指さし「あれはここで何しているのさ!」あの人でなく「あれ」です。ペンキ屋はおもむろに「我々の国の客人には優しくなさい」と隣人の英国紳士そっくりの口調でのたまるのです、オーストラリアのだらしない成りの親父がです。ペンキ屋が「客人」を「友人」の意味で言ったか、私はいずれ出ていくべきだと言ったのか。彼が育てた娘の言動を見るかぎりペンキ屋が家の中で黄色人種のことを何と話している察しがつくのです。 続く



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