Yellow pulp avocado and the price of copy-catting part 6 (黄色の果肉のア ボカドと猿真似の代償第6)

green avocadoThe avocados you may know are black-skinned and green flesh.  However, in Australia there is green-skinned kind with yellow pulp inside.  You would not guess it from the outside.  Australians are not as predictable either as the world may think they are.yellow pulp

In my last post I mentioned that some Australians would pretend to be English when alone with non-caucasian immigrants.  Americans are no less popular choice of theirs.  One Australian couple stands out in my memory who constantly addressed people as ‘Hey, you guys’ which is typically American greeting.  They referred to America as ‘States’ as if born American.  The couple detested the Australian colonial classic style and renovated their new apartment in a modern style.  Whatever the latest fad that surfaced in America they had to buy into it.  However, their finance situation suddenly or as was expected, turned south and they ended up selling their apartment only a few years after purchase.  The painter who has been featuring in this blog also ended up selling his newly renovated house as he split up from his wife.  Whatever were the reasons for their divorce, the depression he suffered after the English neighbour, whom he had tried so hard to copy-cat, rebuffed him could not have helped.  The price of copy-catting has been devastating.

To make the matter more confusing was those same copy-cat people would trash the English and Americans in the company of other Australians.  I learnt phrases like ‘whinging Poms’ and ‘Arrogant Yanks’ after I arrived here in  Australia,  though I personally think the English are perfectionist and the Americans are simply proud of their great achievements. .   While it is not my business to speculate on their discreet copy-cat behavior, I cannot help but wonder if it is one of many reasons some Australians vent their frustrations out on immigrants they hardly know and that part becomes my business.  To be continued.