Great China has landed! (中華系の豪州旋風)

China RepublicThe unprecedented housing boom boiling in Australia was initiated by the wealthy mainland Chinese who would pay millions even billions to buy up Sydney properties.  They are only allowed to buy new buildings, but their bidding power has pushed up the price beyond the reach of most Australians.  It did not end there.  The hike in the price of new buildings has also pushed up the old properties and the price has not doubled but increased by four folds since 25 years ago.  The rent has gone astronomical that young people are forced to borrow money from their parents to buy a mediocre house while locking themselves till their 80’s to pay off the loan.  This is however is an old news as Japanese media has caught on and ran an article about it with a  serious warning.   But even the journalist of the article seems not aware of its dire effects on the people of Australia.

The cost of living has jumped up accordingly but the pension of retired people remain the same.  They used to eat out at nice restaurants but lately I see them at cheap ethnic restaurants bringing with them their own cheap wine to give a modest meal some desperate flair.  Young homeless who can’t even afford that…well I saw one of them striking the window of a Thai eatery with a stick while young Chinese girls and boys step out of their new expensive mansion to attend a private prestigious school looking utterly relaxed and sure of themselves.  

A humongous restaurant called Republic of China has opened near China Town in Sydney. I had to pay $11 for a bottle of water and I here upload the meals for which I paid over $40, drinks NOT included. Tofu soup
                                                                                                                                                 Tofu soup

Peking meat balls                                                                                                                               Peking fried meatballs

Peking noodle

                                                                                                                                        Peking Dried noodle

Now,let’s compare with the lunch I paid the same amount in Chinatown Yokohama Japan in the same month.  Cold plum drink included.

yokohama drink

seafood salad


Sea food salad of the season

steam goodies

                                                                                                         Steamed chicken and perfumed rice dumpling


Vegetable soup made with medical herbs

prawn dish

Prawn dish

fried pork plum perfumed

Pork fed with plums, marinated and fried crisp


Strawberry and coconut pudding and Herbal Jelly

chinese beauty tea

Beauty Chinese tea included in the lunch course

Taste wise they are both great as they are both cooked by Chinese, but cost performance is infinitely better in Japan because you get 6 dishes instead of 3 in Sydney.  Or rather Sydney has become a city that is no longer kind to the weak and the old. Even the local Australians think Australia that was paradise of 20 years ago is gone and Chinese are blamed for it.   But really?  I have observed other things.  To be continued.

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