Part 3 of Discrimination around me(身近の差別第三)

Over the long years I have caught buses many a times I was stopped by the driver to check if I had paid for the ticket.  The driver would hear a beep signaling that someone had inserted an outdated ticket.  Each time it was the Australian passenger who got on right before me, but the driver would always suspect me, the Asian.  None of them apologized when I showed them a valid ticket.  It was a different story when the driver was an ethnic.  The Australian passengers would pretend to have inserted their ticket or simply walk pass by the ethnic driver with disdain taking for granted that the coloured lots would not argue with the Australians passengers. 

This mild degree of racism was tolerable until recently when the Australian passengers would openly slander the immigrants within the hearing distance of the driver and other immigrants.  This behavior is observed mainly among the senior Australians.  The young would occasionally have a go at French but their main target is also ethnic immigrants.  Whatever has happened to the happy Aussies that I used to know? 

I looked around and realize with horror at the increase of homeless people, young and old.  Then one middle-aged woman dragging an old dingy suitcase suddenly growls at me.  ‘Go back to China!  The government should clean out the trash!’  I am not a Chinese, but look similar enough in her eyes.  In hindsight, she had been evicted from her place.  The biggest property boom in 50 years had swept through Australia with Sydney climbing up the ladder as being the 5th most expensive city to live in the world when 20 years ago it was one of the cheaper cities.

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改めて見渡すといつの間にか増えていた浮浪者、老いも若きもホームレスです。一人のみすぼらしい鞄を引きずった中年婆が私に怒鳴りました。「中国へ帰れ!ごみ!」私が中国人に見えるのです。今思えば 中年婆は家を追い出されてのでしょう、家主に。オーストラリア特にシドニーは50年に一度の不動産バブルが到来していました。物価も跳ね上がり20年前は安くて暮らしやすい国だったのが今や東京を抜いて5番目に高い都市になっていたのです。今や世界で3番目という声も上がるシドニーで働いている人たちは殆ど中国系です。と、いうことは経営陣に中国系が浸透しているのです。今や中華と昔から中華系におもねる某反日民族だけが住む町も増えてきて誰の国がわからない状況です。テレビの政治家が白人であることから辛うじてオーストラリアだと認識します。日本も移民を受け入れる方針を固めているようですが、理想論と現実は別物です。