Australians have chosen part 2 (オーストラリア人の選択に含まれぬ日本人 -第2回)

dingoSocial media has for better or worse managed to bring out our true thoughts…and true colour.  While it is hurtful to receive abuses, it saves us wasting our precious time on relationships that never meant to have future.  I had to unfriend one Australian man who kept posting slandering articles about Asians to his FB friends.  Seeing that he was a war veteran, it was understandable that his Japs bashing would be intense, and this I could accept with humility.   What baffled me was the ferocity of Asian bashing tweets by young Australians.  To think some of them were praising Japanese food with a smile while tweeting  'Jap's  privately.    But then I should have known that in the face of clear rise of the Chinese power, nowhere more visible than in Australia, attacking Chinese may be seen as jealousy while there is no such risk with Japs whose financial peak has passed.  In hindsight I first knew of this that Australians had chosen China when Japanese images were omitted from their global promotional video of Sydney Olympic 2000.  Invitation to Sydney Olympic was not extended to Japan.  Australia's new best friend was China now.   However, I stayed on to serve as a volunteer hoping against hope. 

Recently the only time Japan is remembered is when the might of China needs to be pegged down a notch.  While the proud China will never buckle, appearing to approve of Japan can still annoy China, but not for long I imagine.  But in the meantime I am sort of glad that Japan can be of some use to Australians because Australia is one of the  few matured countries who did not blow our past misjudgments out of proportion.  Australian government has even had the integrity to mention our past good deeds as well.  Not only this rendered Australians noble, it made me want to do more for the Australians.  

It is such a sad irony that only in Australia exists the one group of people who may understand the fishermen in Japan who annually kill dolphins to stop them from eating other fishes.  It is not like they enjoy it like hunting but they are only doing it to protect their livelihood.  I am sad for the dolphins and the traumatic effect that will stay with the fishermen.  They should not have to do such a thing.  Who could understand their dilemma more than the Australian sheep farmers who have had to kill dingoes, the native animals that had existed long before the Australians brought sheep into this island continent, to its near extinction?  They look cute like Shiba dog, but are ferocious and prayed on the sheep.  Threatened of their livelihood the farmers resorted to shooting dingoes.  I cringe at the thought of the pain inflicted on those dingoes and dolphins, but I cannot judge the farmers and fishermen for trying to keep providing for their families. 

As I started to pack to move out of Sydney I earnestly hoped that Australian neighbours were just feeling down and insecure for the time being.   I was still hoping to return.  Then a totally unexpected thing happened that nudged me to leave Australia,  perhaps for good.   To be continued.

Social media は良くも悪くも人の本音と性根を引き出しました。暴言書かれるのは辛いものですが実り少ない関係から早期に手をひけるのは有難いことかもしれません。最近一人のオーストラリア人の男性をファイスブックの友人から削除しましたが余りに頻繁に日本人を中傷する記事や文をFB仲間に送り付けてきたからです。かつて日本が戦争をしかけた豪州の元軍人でしたから分からないではありませんが、若きオーストラリア人までが笑顔で日本食を称賛する裏で「ジャップ」と日本人を中傷するツイートなどを書き込んでいたのには驚きました。思えば何処よりも中国の躍進の恩恵にあずかりつつ押されてもいる豪州人が中国を中傷すれば嫉妬に見られるかもしれませんが日本人相手なら安心してバカにできます。経済のピークは過ぎたと見放された国の悲哀を何となく感じたのはシドニーオリンピックが決定した時に世界に発信された豪州のプロモーションビデオに日本の映像がなく中国のそれがアジア代表として映されていたときです。日本はオリンピックへの招待されず中国を将来のアジアのパートナーとする豪州は決めたとにわかに信じがたく私はボランティアとして豪州に残ったのです。


それに皮肉にも豪州にだけイルカ撲殺で批判されている漁師さんの苦悩を理解できる筈の団体がいるのです。デインゴという古代からオーストラリア大陸にすむ柴犬そっくりの赤オオカミが昔は全土を住処としていましたが羊を持ち込んだオーストラリア人の農家を襲うようになりました。この可愛いくて美しいい赤オオカミ・デインゴは絶滅寸前まで撃ち殺されましたが羊農家の生活を守るためでした。それはイルカに魚を食べられて漁ができなくなる日本の漁師さんたちの悩みと同じに思えます。 殺生まで追い詰められた悲しいジレンマを羊農家の人なら分かってもらえたかもしれません。