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A Blue escape from confinement (幽閉からの蒼い逃走)

One month after I moved out of my old unit, my shipment arrived at my home in Japan.  It should have stirred emotions in me, but no.  It did not even feel like I had ever lived in Sydney.  If anything, there was a quiet sense of relief and loss.  I had to concede that my years in Sydney was a confinement, not a life.  To think I once fell in love with Australia’s sun and looked for a tiny humble abode. My readers may remember that I was framed by Australian neighbours, who were old enough to be my parents, so badly that I ended up with an unsellable unit.  I got stuck there.  I tried to make the best of it but each time I flew back to Sydney from my occasional visits to my parents’ in Japan, I would fall in deep depression during the flight.  Thanks to the bright sunshine which lifted me out of darkness once I had landed in Sydney.  I thought everything was fine…but not on my subconscious level. I was not aware what prompted me to write about a Prince whose soul was confined for centur


It takes a different kind of courage to stay than what it takes to break away and today I dedicate this blog to the Asians who have chosen to stay in Australia.  I am not worried about the rich Chinese because money talks in the real world.  Australian government, business and lawyers all are eager to befriend them.  If you’ve been reading my blog you would know that the middle-class and the financially tight ones have been venting their frustration out upon Asian immigrants.  As Japanese share the similar oriental appearance, we have copped it in the place of the Chinese.  Many Japanese have sold up their houses and left Australia in the recent years, or so my real estate agent has told me.    The one exception I know personally is the Japanese BBQ restaurant owner who serves fantastic meals for reasonable cost.  He had the gut to move his family to an area inhibited by the world staunchest anti-Japanese people.  It has the advantage of getting less exposure to the frustrating Austral