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It takes a different kind of courage to stay than what it takes to break away and today I dedicate this blog to the Asians who have chosen to stay in Australia.  I am not worried about the rich Chinese because money talks in the real world.  Australian government, business and lawyers all are eager to befriend them.  If you’ve been reading my blog you would know that the middle-class and the financially tight ones have been venting their frustration out upon Asian immigrants.  As Japanese share the similar oriental appearance, we have copped it in the place of the Chinese.  Many Japanese have sold up their houses and left Australia in the recent years, or so my real estate agent has told me.  

The one exception I know personally is the Japanese BBQ restaurant owner who serves fantastic meals for reasonable cost.  He had the gut to move his family to an area inhibited by the world staunchest anti-Japanese people.  It has the advantage of getting less exposure to the frustrating Australians.  Also his neighbours apparently think he is one of them and have left his family alone so far.  I must point out that I am not referring to the Chinese here.  At least the Japanese I know admire the dynamic Chinese and the Chinese tourists I have seen in Japan are well-behaved and respective.  Chinese fight their own battles themselves instead of abetting someone else do their fighting for them.  However, Australians have a soft spot for underdogs or people who pose to be underdogs that propaganda can win them over rather easily.  I do not presume to know the reason, but the Australian Embassy in Japan lost the authority last year to issue long-term visa to Japanese citizens.  It must be referred to the embassy in other country.  Bondi Junction in Sydney used to be flooded with Japanese students, but these days I may brush past one per week. 

The irony is that anti-Japanese sentiment may have partially helped justify the anti-Asian sentiment among Australians.  In year 2009, a Chinese girl was killed because the man wanted to kill Asians.  His accomplice told the police that she was tortured in such a gruesome manner that she begged him to kill her at the end.  However it was considered an isolated case in an isolated Tasmanian island.  But another Australian man felt like killing Asians last year and a young woman was bashed to death in Brisbane.  

At the beginning of this blog I wrote that I did not decide to leave Australia but the decision had been made for me.  Now you know the full picture disclosed to me. To be continued. Copyright 2013 by Mirror Miroir/THE THIRD RED APPLE All Rights Reserved. 



皮肉な事に反日運動は東洋人差別を白人の中で正当化する効果もあったのでしょうか? 2009年に中国人女性がアジア人を殺したい気分という理由で殺されました。共犯者の証言によると余りに酷い拷問に女性は最後には殺してくれるよう犯人のオーストラリア男性に嘆願したそうです。それでもこの事件は遠く離れたタスマニア島で起きた例外として扱われましたが2013年にはついに都会のブリスベンでアジア人差別のみが目的で若い東洋女性が一人撲殺されたのでした。 僅か9か月前の事件ですが被害者は中国人でも日本人でもありませんでした。殺人者は似た顔の東洋人の識別などしないのです。


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