NO RIDES LEFT (乗車はもう無し)

Serpent of Eden

It is easier said than done, breaking out of one’s shell.  I thought I was ready for anything.  For once I wished to be close to someone, not because his background would be approved by my relatives who are still proud of our Samurai lineage, but because I had feelings for him.  I had deliberately refrained from finding out about this Gentleman from Sydney except his personality.  His expressions and actions were all I knew about him.   I would be crying for days to come, but I will, must put it all  behind.  I headed for the airport.   I did not want to head home to Japan from Sydney, so I caught a plane bound for Hobart, Tasmania.  It was summer in Australia, but the water of Hobart would be still be cold in October and I longed for it. 

Once in Hobart I took a bus for Lower Sandy Beach.  The water was blue, clear and as expected, very cold.  I was the only one swimming while looked on by some children who thought I was crazy.  I wished to wash away my long years of confinement in Sydney.  To make sure I leave all the curse behind, I dumped my bathing suit in the nearby trash bin.  I then noticed my last Travel Ten Ticket in my pocket.  All 10 ten rides had been used up in Sydney and at the bottom there was a message: no more rides.  Farewell, Sydney.  I might…just might one day visit Australia, but never will I step a foot into the city of sunshine that hides shadow. I shall start my new life in a cold dark place where I shall strive to glow like a tiny firefly without relying on the outside’s strength. 

 Copyright 2014 by Mirror Miroir/THE THIRD RED APPLE All Rights Reserved.


ホバートに着いてすぐLower Sandy Beach行のバスにのる。思った通り海は青く澄み冷たかった。泳いでいたのは私だけで子供たちが目を丸くしていて見ていたっけ。私は過去20年間のシドニーでの幽閉の影を洗い落し「呪い」を持ち帰らないように水着もごみ箱に捨てました。ふとポケットの中のバス切符に気づく。10回分の乗車はシドニーで使いきっていた。券の下に打ち込まれていたのは:乗車はもう無し。さらばシドニーよ、万が一オーストラリアへ旅行で立ちよることはあっても あの「太陽の陽射しで影を潜めた街」に金輪際足を踏み入れることはない。今度は寒く暗い場所でも自力で蛍のように僅かながらも光を発せられるよう頑張ります。