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Beggars and the Bleeding Hearts (乞食と日本の将来)

You might be wondering how a photo of noodle is related to the title.  It is New Year’s Eve and eating buckwheat noodle is a Japanese ritual.  The long noodle represents longevity of life.  Why shouldn’t it?  Buckwheat is good for your health anyway.  As I ponder on my hectic year 2014, marked with occasional tears, I hope to make the New Year more cheerful, at least within my blog.  So this is the last post I write about my political concern.   Beggars are everywhere, even in the beautiful city of Paris, reflecting the difficult financial state of the country.  Let’s hope the New Year brings better time for all of us.   There are, however, those who have been making a career out of begging.  The old gypsy women going around begging loudly for charity.  The young and innocent will feel for them like I used to…only I wondered why they all wore the outdated gypsy clothes in this twentieth century.  This was in Italy, one late afternoon.  I noticed a beggar was changing out of her gypsy d

Business as usual with a hint of Christmas (ごく地味な私のパリ生活)

The mere mention of ‘Paris’ and my blog instantly attracted more readers than ever before.  My apology in advance if you were expecting a blog about glamorous Paris living.  Not for me.  My school starts next month and I am looking at 20 lessons per week.  I  I hope to achieve an advanced-intermediate level in French by the end of the next year.  My life here so far has been mandane.  It was about going to hardware shops, opening a bank account, registering for loyalty cards of supermarkets and shops, and cleaning my new apartment.  I will not be going out of my way to visit café or restaurants, not until I have accomplished what I set out to do.  The one café I mentioned in my last blog happened to be on my way to some other place.  Otherwise, I would not have cared and there was nothing exciting to update on my blog.   But since this is Christmas, I have uploaded a small Christmas bouquet that I bought from a vendor on the street for only 2 Euros.  Also what is Noël without a Bouche

Kicking my reliance on the warmth of sun and a new chapter(太陽の温もり への依存を絶つ新章)

I was in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam last week.  The air was sweet and alluring, and the culture seemed interesting The only reason I did not choose that country to start afresh was because of its warm climate.  I had that for too long in ‘the city of sunshine’ and while it helped me, it also delayed me from confronting my real issues.   Everyone is dealt harsh cards by the fate at some point and we are meant to learn from the pain.  Sure, some of my problems were beyond my power to fix it, but if that was so, I should have cut the loss and moved on.  Why didn’t I do it?  It was the warmth of the sun.  It picked my mood up and I was able to bear the situation, not realizing none of it owed to my strength.  I was long puzzled that why Australians, known for smile and kindness, would suddenly have either lonely or dark shadow cast over their eyes.  Maybe they have, like I did, mistaken the sun’s uplifting effect to be their own strength.  You can go through the day feeling all right, only to re

Part 3: the journey of Sweet and Potatoe

To complete the year of constant shifting, I am preparing for the final big move scheduled at the end of  2014.  What a year it has been. Copyright 2009 to 2014 by Mirror Miroir/THE THIRD RED APPLE All Rights Reserved. 引越し続きの尋常でない年の締めくくりとして年末の最後の大移動に向かって準備中です。何ちゅう年やったんやろ、2014年は。