Sunday, 4 January 2015

Don’t mix love with Green Cards, and New Year Greetings(下心と謹賀新 年)

red noel

My readers would remember that I vowed to glow in the darkest coldest place like a tiny firefly.  What I meant was that I would uplift myself without anyone’s help nor the warmth of the sun.  However, a thing happened on New Year’s Eve that made me rethink about showing my positive mood outwardly. 

I had joined a community group where French and English-speakers meet so they can both practice their second language.  Thanks to my years in Australia, my English has reached the level where the proof-reader of my books can only find less than 1% mistakes in my English.  Even then, they are more like re-phrasing.  So I fitted right in and have been exchanging information with the English expats.  Naturally when I learnt of a New Year Eve’s party I bought the ticket believing to be the extension of what has been so far. 

Not quite.  I showed up dressed casually and suitable for a Count Down March towards the Arc of Triumph at midnight.  As any Japanese would do, I arrived early and started to read a book.  Then a crowd of French arrived, all dressed up.  I contemplated going home to change and come back, but then I saw this group of Asian girls.  They were dressy all right, but in ultra mini-skirt that barely covered their underwear…despite the fact it was minus 2 degrees cold outside!  They were not speaking Japanese, but the expectant of look on their face suddenly made me recall this French girl who was complaining that three American men had proposed her just to get French Green Card. 

I thought ‘Rubbish!’  As a woman who acquired Australian permanent residency on her own merit, I shall leave Paris if I cannot extend my visa on my own merit.  And then it dawned on me.  People at the party venue must be seeing me as another desperate Asian hoping to hook up with a French man.  I looked around and was met with two types of looks: some probing, some disapproving my attitude.  After all I was reading a book thinking the party had not yet begun when in fact the dating game had already started. I blushed and quickly gobbled down the meal, after all I paid hefty Euros for this, and bolted out of the Café.  

As I ran out I vowed not to befriend a French man until I have extended my Carte de Sejour solely on my merit.  I would not want him to suspect that I had ulterior motives.  Besides, as much as I admire Paris and its history, I still have my hopes for Canberra, the capital of Australia, known as the city of brainy people.  I would have loved to live there and I still can when the time is right.  In the meantime, it seems better that I glow and smile privately lest being mistaken to be soliciting for attention.   

I ran straight to this pub called Carr’s where English-speaking stand-up comedians were performing.  I had a good laugh and the performers and some audiences marched down L'Avenue des Champs-Élysées together.  My 2015 started with a firework and laser beam stretching out from Arc de Triomphe.

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