Congrats, Australia (時ならぬ心のさざ波)


Finally, finally, Cahil of Australia got to lift the big trophy!  He had always deserved better but somehow the glory kept eluding him because of bad luck.  He was not getting younger so I had been sadly resigned for some time.  Sure he was the man who sank Japanese team a few times, but I respected his caring side in his private life.  Well, not exactly private since it had made it into press, but he seemed to have carried himself with warmth and integrity.  That does not happen very often so I became his fan.

The final of Asian Cup 2015 took place in Sydney.  How that sounds so far away.  The place where I spent a good chunk of my life evoked no sentiment inside me, and yet I was crying.  I cried for Cahil’s long due glory.  I had to replay the video of Socceroos leaping with joy holding the trophy over and over in my apartment in Paris.  Each time tears will quietly flow down because after countless heartaches and hard works one good man was finally rewarded. 

As I have always said, it comes down to individuals in the end, not national flags.