Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lunar Year Festival; you never know what life has in store for you (人生 一寸先は謎)


I had come down with flu, a vicious kind that saw some French people hospitalized, or bedridden for a week at least, but I glanced at this amulet provided by the Shrine of White Serpent, the guardian of finance and health.  It may have nothing to do with the fact I recovered fast from my flu, but its mental boost was helpful.  Another factor that contributed to my fast recovery was Chinese energy transmittable to even non-Chinese like me.  The blasting thunder of Lunar New Year Festival was upon us!



Like a kid, I followed the lions around for one hour.  Half of me was ashamed for not having grown out of childishness, but the other half was giddy with delight soaking up all the energy of Chinese crowd.  I was remembering my last Lunar New Year Festival.  I was celebrating it with my mother at Nagasaki, Japan.  Little did I know that a year later I would be in Paris.  I am not getting younger, but life still surprises me.  One must never be complacent, but may not need to give into despair either.  We are only human who know very little.  I don’t quite support the excessive positive thinking that believing you could obtain whatever you want would realize it.  Most of the time we crave what are not good for us. 


それでも英語で何か言い返す必要あるだろうか?するとフランス語の先生は「あなたは日本政府が捏造したというけど、どこの国も政府は都合の良いように変えるわよ」とウンザリした顔で発言。実はこの直前の授業で「こういう場合あなたならどうする?」ゲームをしていて某国人と日本人の私は全く異なる返事をしていたのです。その内容は別の機会に。それにしても去年は母と一緒に旅行先の長崎で見た獅子舞を今年はパリで見るとは、人生一寸先は闇というか謎です。そんなに悩んでも仕方ないかも。OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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