Spring is still a headache for this fashion philistine(春でも浮かれてお られぬ服装音痴)

The cold winter had one redeeming aspect: the coats hid whatever dingy clothes I wore underneath.  Now with the warm weather upon us my one and only safety cover is ripped away and I have to turn to the list of coordination my mother had drawn up for me before I left for Paris.  Yes, I am that pathetic.   Why I decided to learn fashion after all these years?  Find out at 


Now this is the spring outfit my conservative mother had put together.
blue suitIt looked fine to me until I met this real estate agent lady from Paris.  She was wearing a suit as well, but wore a frilly laced blouse underneath.  It may not be news to most women, but it was to me.  The suit has a rigid uniform like image while lace is feminine and has a soft image.  The two never mixed in my stubborn head, but I am trying to change my way. 

So I copied this Parisian lady and bought a frilly Ralph Lauren blouse (on discount as usual.)  bleu vesteIs it an improvement on my former austere look?  The double pearls necklace used to be my mother’s, but she gave it to me.  I did not realize when I was taking photo that I had not quite worn the necklace the right way.  But the hook was so bloody fiddly that was the best I could do.  At least, it fared better than my other jewels which have never left my jewel box.  My mom never gave up hope and she kept on buying accessories for me, but I barely remember where my jewel box is kept, let alone the content.  But in my defense, jewels do not make a princess.  I have seen quite a number of cashed- up startups, crooks, new riches who sported gems which should have looked expensive, but looked fake on them.  Gems can be possessed, but the gems still hold their ground firm. 

As for shoes, I will keep these low black enamel heels my mom purchased in Japan.  I’ve just bought a blouse on my own, and to me that is still a milestone.  I need to rest.