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Paris Icon meets Hydrangea of Japan (パリの定番が日本のアジサイへ向かう)

  When I saw Alexandre de Paris’ signature Papillon (Butterfly) hairband, I thought of Hydrangea flower gracing temples in Kamakura, the ancient capital of Samurai warriors in Japan.  The flower may not have the gorgeous seductiveness of roses, but somehow it has been associated with Buddhism in Japan.  The tapestry of Hydrangea n blue, violet, white and yellow spread all over the temples renders a serene embracive beauty to the otherwise austere settings.  It comes in its element during the raining season in June.  It is one flower that reaches out to your soul, not your visual senses, in the right environment.   The Papillon was not on discount because it is one of Alexandre de Paris’ timeless collection.  I am very frugal, bordering on stinginess, but the allure of wearing this hairband standing among the bed of Hydrangea was too much.  I am a graphic novelist before a fashion philistine.  I regarded it as a painting.  But still…Paris, look what you have done to me.  I bought this

Red is a spiritual repellent against evil (赤は邪悪撃退の色)

In Asia you will find Chinese temples and Japanese Shrines are painted vivid red.  The colour is believed to have the power to repel evil and bad fortunes.  I didn’t really take it seriously until I ended up staying in a haunted hotel in Yorkshire, England.  I was the only idiot who had booked there because I didn’t know.  I panicked when even the hotel staff left after 12:00 am.  I was alone in the entire building.  I could not sleep.  Suddenly around 2 am, the light started to flicker and one of the bulbs broke.  TV went out on its own.  Naturally I panicked, but then I went into rage.  I blurted out in English to the haunting spirit in case it was there.  ‘Listen!  I worked very hard to save for this trip!  As you can see this is not a posh hotel, so I am not a celebrity!  Go haunt the rich and let me enjoy this humble break I badly need!  Surely you had problems before you ended up dead and ghost too!  Life is tough for all of us ordinary folks!’  They say your aura mantle turns re