Red is a spiritual repellent against evil (赤は邪悪撃退の色)

redIn Asia you will find Chinese temples and Japanese Shrines are painted vivid red.  The colour is believed to have the power to repel evil and bad fortunes.  I didn’t really take it seriously until I ended up staying in a haunted hotel in Yorkshire, England.  I was the only idiot who had booked there because I didn’t know.  I panicked when even the hotel staff left after 12:00 am.  I was alone in the entire building.  I could not sleep.  Suddenly around 2 am, the light started to flicker and one of the bulbs broke.  TV went out on its own.  Naturally I panicked, but then I went into rage.  I blurted out in English to the haunting spirit in case it was there.  ‘Listen!  I worked very hard to save for this trip!  As you can see this is not a posh hotel, so I am not a celebrity!  Go haunt the rich and let me enjoy this humble break I badly need!  Surely you had problems before you ended up dead and ghost too!  Life is tough for all of us ordinary folks!’  They say your aura mantle turns red when you are angry.  It may have been coincidence, but the room became brighter and the TV reception came back.  I sensed whatever bad vibes in the room was gone and I slept soundly after that. 

So today I am wearing red, the colour against evil.  I promised myself to keep my spirit up whatever happened in Paris.  My recent unfortunate encounter with the infamous crook Paris locksmiths has set me back financially quite a bit, but otherwise I am fine.  The shock sent my high blood pressure high temporarily, but the doctor told me I am back to normal.  So I keep my promise to myself now and will put the incident behind.  I shall move to a new place and resume the French course this month.  The red dress is by Ralph Lauren.  If I was in my 20’s I would wear a pair of sneakers, but going too sporty would look pathetic at my age.  So as to look casual, but not sporty, I chose to wear a black low heel by Repetto.  I don’t know if it is right to pair these two in Paris, but at least I feel energized by the colour red. Repetto

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中国の寺や日本神社は赤色で塗られていますが邪悪を撃退する力があるそうです。そんな事信じてませんでしたが、英国のとあるホテルに宿泊した時、お化け屋敷ツアーの中の目玉であるホーンテッド・ホテルに何も知らずに予約したバカな私。夜中にホテルのスタッフまで帰ってしまったので古い建物の中に一人になり焦りました。明かりをつけたままにしていると夜中の2時に部屋がテレビが勝手に消え、部屋が薄暗くなり電球が一個破裂しました。パニックの私でしたが突然怒りに変ったのです。英語で怨霊に叫びました。「ちょっと、私は旅費を貯める為に頑張って働いたのよ!みた通り普通の宿だから私はセレブじゃない。摂り憑くなら裕福層にしなさいよ!あなただって死んで幽霊になる前に色々苦労あったでしょ!人生は皆辛いことばかりなのよ!」  体を包むオーラは怒ると赤くなると聞きます。怒った私は真っ赤に霊がびびったのでしょうか?部屋が明るくなりテレビが再び映りました。