Alexandre de Paris meets a temple of Japan (アレキサンドル・ド・パリ)が 長谷寺と出会う)

Hase TempleThere are numbers of temples in Kamakura, the ancient capital of Samurai Warriors, but Hase Temple is the one most revered for its authentic class, not going down the road of commercialization like some others.   It probably is the reasons why it rates high on Tripadvisor site.  The designers of Alexandre de Paris may never have imagined that their signature ‘Papillons would look so ethereal beautiful against the background of a traditional temple in Japan on the other side of the globePapillons

 In my last post I mentioned of this yellow-green summer jacket designed by Rene Derhy.  On this day I wore it over a simple white cotton dress bought many years ago in Naples, Italy, so long ago that I had forgotten that I even had it.  Wait.  That is not exactly true because it never took me long to forget about clothes.

blog fashionThe bag chosen for the day was a lavender Longchamps.  The white sandals were designed by Arché de Paris.  All these were bought by my mother some years ago which I duly forgot straight after the purchase to her despair.  But on this day they were brought out from my wardrobe closet which had become almost a secret chamber that never got opened.  It took Parisians’ influence on me, the fashion philistine, to get it finally opened.

fashon blogI was briefly back in Japan, the place where everything is processed in a punctual orderly manner with thorough execution and smile.  It should be noted that even those anti-Japanese neighbours love holidaying here in Japan.  It would be so much easier for me to stay and live out a peaceful life here…but no.  That would be a defeat if I left Paris before I had acquired a reasonable command of French.  Sure, the encounter with the crooked immigrants posed as locksmiths was an unfortunate set back, but no misfit immigrants from a region riddled with crimes and drugs shall drive me out of France.  I’ll consider it when the French people did a number on me.  So far, the French have been fair towards me.  So ten days later, I hopped on a plane back to Paris.  Yes, back to Paris, not visiting. 

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一つ前のブログでルネ・デリの夏ジャケット購入を報告しましたが長谷寺を再訪した日、白のコットンドレスの上に羽織りました。確かイタリアのナポリで購入したものですが存在すら忘れていました。根っからの服装音痴、服装無関心でしたから。バッグはロンシャンのラベンダー色のもの。白のサンダルはアルシェ・パリ。全部数年前に母が購入してくれていたものでしたが全然私が着ないので嘆いていました。でもこの日やっと開かずの間と化していた私のクローゼットから日のめを見ました。こじ開けさせたパリジャンの影響凄し。peaceful japan