Women detest snake but adore its skin on their bags (蛇嫌いなのに蛇皮バ ックは好きな女性)

Python balette

Nothing pleases Parisians more than being told ‘you are branché’ meaning ‘trendy.’  This summer Paris is following two trends according to one article: one is Python and the other is 70’s hippie look.  Python, translated as snake print.  Hmm…It’s odd that a woman should even want to bring anything snake near her skin when the sight of one, while alive and slithering, gives her creep.  But I too used to hate snakes until I brought myself to face one at a zoo in Queensland, Australia.  The snake, to my surprise, was not slimy as I had imagined.  It was dry and smooth and some of them had round beady eyes, possibly cute and definitely more innocent than some human women. 

But back to my challenge to be slightly trendy in Paris without using heaps of money.  Python print seems a way advanced print for me to handle, this fashion philistine who has ignored prints of any kind all her life.  Then Eureka!  Why not use just a tiny portion on my shoe wears?  It does not have to be a real snake-skin either.  So off I went to Mellow Yellow.  Google informed me that this popular French brand provides a unique design and has moved into Galleries Lafayette.  To be allocated a corner in this icon of Paris is a privilege.  I found a white sandal with a tiny strip of python design. 

Python Mellow Yellow

Recently I have come to rely heavily on Alexandre de Paris to salvage my outfits.  Of course, they would have Python hair accessories.  One of them looked very similar to the strip of python on my new sandal.  Great!  Or so I thought. 

blog fashionI then realized that I had completely forgotten about clothes to wear.  I could not go out wearing just shoes and the new hair accessory.  What a head ache.  I loathed the ideas of going shopping in such hot summer days, or anytime.  Then I remembered this one dress that my mother had bought me some years ago.  Where?  I cannot remember, but it has come to my rescue.  By a stroke of luck the dress had a hippie print.  I am going to be ‘branché’ by an utter coincidence. 


Now, even a fashion philistine like me cannot help noticing the Parisians’’ fondness for orange and red bags.  They like to coordinate ‘bright colour bag with black clothes.’  The dress my mother had bought for me is also black on top, making it easy for me.  I bought an orange bag at Longchamp, another brand I have come to rely heavily on.  I might force myself to venture into another shop someday…maybe…probably…do I have to?

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Branché、流行の人と呼ばれるのが生きがいのパリジャン、今年の夏は記事によると蛇柄と70年代のヒッピールックが再来だそうです。蛇とは上級者の柄な上、高くつくので私は靴に少しだけとり入れてみることにしました。最近ユニークなデザインで評判なMellow Yellowは遂にガレリ―ラファイエットのデパートに受け入れられました。そこで理想通りの白のサンダル見っけ。割引もしてあって助かるなあ。

最近アレクサンドル・ド・パリに依存しっぱなしの私ですが、流石蛇柄のバレットも売ってました。おまけにサンダルの蛇柄と似ているのまで見つけて有頂天に。だが待てよ!服のことすっかり忘れていた。サンダルと髪飾りだけつけて外出できるわけないじゃん。でもこの暑いのに服を買いに行くのは面倒だし、(いつでも嫌だっけ)弱ったなあ…だがそこで何年か前に母親が買ってくれていたドレスを思い出す。どこで買ったかは忘れましたが偶然にも下の部分がヒッピー柄なのです。奇跡的に私は流行の人?になれそうです。orange longchamp