Parisians and diagonal line (パリジャンと斜めの線)


I had not accessed my blog since the abrupt death of this one lady whom I had revered very much, so today I did not expect to see any visitors to my site.  To my surprise, there were some which promptly me to upload my latest struggle with fashion.  

Even men wear scarfs in Paris on their dates with their girlfriends.  I could not care less initially, but then there had not been a thing I cared about fashion anyway.  Then I realized it would be a way to show that I am making an effort.  Not necessary a resounding success, but an effort nevertheless.  

Parisians have since taught me there is more to scarf than wrapping it around one’s neck.  They also use it to add a diagonal line to the style.  I have no ideas why, but it does help to slim down one’s appearance a little.  So here goes.  Parisians also love Australia, or so I have found, so I decided to put on this shirt I bought in Cairns Queensland.  Actually, my mother recommended that I bought one.  Like many other clothes of mine, it had been left unworn for ages.  Let’s see if I can Paris it. 

The blue silk scarf was from Diwalis Paris.  I added a diagonal line by wearing around the waist.  To add European feel to the style, I opted to wear a short black bolero or something that is worn by matador in Spain.  This kept the harmful UV from my arms. 

blog fashionAnd then my usual fashion savior, Alexandre de Paris, their blue butterfly barrette. 

bleu papillon
I reached for my usual Longchamp’s blue bag, but thought it would crush with the blue scarf.  So I grabbed an old bag my mother had bought at Prada, old but hardly been carried by me.  It has never been my habit to swap bags according to each outfit that I nearly left home with the bag still empty.  Only at the door I realized that my purse and stuffs were in the other bag.  How do other women manage to remember details like this?

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日本でも最近紹介されたDiwalis Parisというシルクとカシミア・スカーフ専門店で進められた青を腰に巻いて斜めの線を演出。欧州を醸し出すべくスペインのボレロ風に黒い上着を着てみる。パリジャンヌは結構スペイン風の恰好も好きなのですよ。仕上げには最近依存しっぱなしのアレクサンドル・ド・パリの蝶々バレッタ。ワンパターンにロンシャンのバッグに手を伸ばしたが色が重なると思い黒のプラダのバッグに変える。これも数度しかもってないまま古くなってしまいました。服装ごとに鞄を変える習性のない私はうっかり空の鞄のまま外出しかけました。prada