Parisians and their double effects (パリと二重効果)


It has been 8 months since I came to live in Paris and I have attended several parties only because the food looked promising.  I had low, if not zero, expectation on romance, but on gastronomy I had high hopes for Paris.  When Parisians suggest a group eat-out at their recommendable eateries, you’re in for a treat.  I can be extremely sociable when a tasty meal is around, so I have had seven gentlemen asking me out over the last 8 months.  Most of them I had to decline because they simply mistook my age; two of them, however, I was put off because they were openly two-timing.  One man asked for my contact details right under his girl-friend’s nose.  The other one asked for my phone number, while chatting up another girl.  Now, I do not believe in putting a lock on one’s heart, because it goes where it wants to.  Therefore, I accept ‘change of heart’, but not this shameless two-timing game from the gecko. 

One of a few situations where ‘double’ is appreciated is fashion.  I have had this orange blouse that came with a front-bow.  It was too simple for Paris, but a girl at Diwali suggested a subtle apricot gold scarf for a double effect.  Another shop assistant at other bag boutique suggested having two shades of the same colour in one outfit.  I asked ‘why?’  She answered ‘because it is nice.’  Sure that explains it all, but who am I to argue a Parisianne on fashion?  So I have decided to go with an orange Longchamps bag.

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upOf course, one more fashion principle in Paris, which is to include one contrasting colour.  In this case was blue.  So I wore a pale blue Camelia by Alenxandre de Paris on the back.  Take it or leave it, this is the best I can be bothered.

blue camela








blue camela

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