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My camera has been broken (カメラが壊れていました)

One should not make ‘busy days’ an excuse not to update one’s blog because everyone is busy.  Everyone is tackling problems one way or another.  However, losing access to a camera may make a passable excuse?  I should have seen it coming as its focus had been fuzzy for some times.  Until I buy a new one the next time I visit my parents in Japan, I must do without one.    It may be just as well that my camera broke because my September 2015 saw so many things happen that I may have been tempted to disclose some private events which no one would have been interested.  This has made rethink about writing blogs and comments in other people’s blogs under pseudonyms.  In the safety of anonymity I may have failed to check myself from expressing my exasperation on certain nationalities.  Most of the time I have enough sense to know that one should not judge a nation by a small group of misfits.  However, I’m a human too and on days when my patience had been sorely tested I was possessed wi

Once a stabled life…or world (安定が崩れ始めた時代)

There are always people with a genuine intention to improve life of others.  I am not referring to those who seek for a quick fame through convenient charity events after a big recognition for their study or work proved not forthcoming.  What started as a good system either ends up being hijacked by abusers or simply disappear for being too sincere.  Don’t even get me started on religious organizations and you don’t need me to tell you that ‘good’ is unreliable.   So people have long relied upon ‘stability’ instead.  But even that is starting to look shaky in this fast changing world.  The last global financial crisis revealed that even banking is not a secure job any more.  Volkswagen scandal, Oh, Germans, you were the symbol of stability.  I could not believe it when TV showed the footage of Air France executives running away in tattered shirt from the sacked workers.  Of course, the former employers would be angry because they had chosen the stable job instead of pursuing adventures