My camera has been broken (カメラが壊れていました)

I took this before my camera brokeOne should not make ‘busy days’ an excuse not to update one’s blog because everyone is busy.  Everyone is tackling problems one way or another.  However, losing access to a camera may make a passable excuse?  I should have seen it coming as its focus had been fuzzy for some times.  Until I buy a new one the next time I visit my parents in Japan, I must do without one.  

It may be just as well that my camera broke because my September 2015 saw so many things happen that I may have been tempted to disclose some private events which no one would have been interested.  This has made rethink about writing blogs and comments in other people’s blogs under pseudonyms.  In the safety of anonymity I may have failed to check myself from expressing my exasperation on certain nationalities.  Most of the time I have enough sense to know that one should not judge a nation by a small group of misfits.  However, I’m a human too and on days when my patience had been sorely tested I was possessed with a negative sentiment, which I regret this instance, but who knows when someone pushes me hard tomorrow.  It was only last week when a non-French dry cleaner charged me double the amount he had promised after being 3 weeks late.  Instead of succumbing to another obvious scam by another former immigrant posing as a Parisian in front of us newcomers, I left my skirt for him to wear.  He would look lovely in it.  I had worn the skirt by Ted Baker only once, but with the amount he charged me I could have bought a new one. 

But occasionally one can be pleasantly surprised.  Several years ago I made a trip across Scandinavia and was disappointed to be met with some rude people.  In hindsight they all possessed the appearance of immigrants.  For instances the recent refugees crisis brought to my attention that Sweden had taken in a huge amount of refugees in the past.  But not knowing this at the time I was sorely frustrated, particularly after a woman hit me blaming me for the act of another person.It was not a mistake.  The old woman knew but still wanted to hit someone who looked weaker.  You could say that after the trip I was not a fan of their Viking ancestors either despite the fact that my Samurai ancestors may have killed people in cold blood too.  Fortunately, this was all changed by some cultivated educated people from Scandinavia that I have recently met.  Thank God they have manners and observe the queues.  With great food and good souls like them I think I can pick myself up and go on in Paris.

After this fortunate encounters, I am contemplating going by my real name, or at least partially.  It will definitely stop me from writing my frustration on my low days.  (Because my camera is broken, I had to use the old photo.  I adore pink colour of Ted Baker)


でもカメラが壊れてよかったのかもしれません。というのは今年の9月は個人的に次から次へと思いがけないことが起こりましたけどセレブでもない私の私生活の写真など誰も見たくないのに勝手にアプロードしていたかも。代わりにサイトに匿名で書き込む事を考え直していました。匿名に甘んじて私は切れた日に移民に対するコメントが怒りのままにボルテージが上がってきています。我に戻った日は反省しますが、繰り返し被害を受けたら自信ないです。先週だって明らかにフランス人ではないドライクリーニングの親父に請け負った価格の倍の金額を3週間も遅れてふっかけられました。こっちが東洋人だから分からないと思うのか元移民がパリジャンになりすまして上目線で付け込んでくるのに嫌気がさし、代金を支払わずに親父にスカートを寄付してきました。きっとお似合いです。一度しか履いてないTed Baker Londonでしたので残念ですが新しいのが買えるほどのぼったくれ金額でしたので。7区のフランス人の間では評判のドライクリーニング屋です。私の前にいたフランス婦人には卑屈に応対していた移民親父でした。


この事もあり本名に切り替える事を検討中。本名となれば迂闊な事は書けませんからブレーキもかかります。本名となれば服装音痴のエピソードも止めないといけませんけどね。(カメラが壊れたので古い写真使用。Ted Baker Londonのピンクは好きですねえ)