Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Once a stabled life…or world (安定が崩れ始めた時代)

キャプチャThere are always people with a genuine intention to improve life of others.  I am not referring to those who seek for a quick fame through convenient charity events after a big recognition for their study or work proved not forthcoming.  What started as a good system either ends up being hijacked by abusers or simply disappear for being too sincere.  Don’t even get me started on religious organizations and you don’t need me to tell you that ‘good’ is unreliable. 

So people have long relied upon ‘stability’ instead.  But even that is starting to look shaky in this fast changing world.  The last global financial crisis revealed that even banking is not a secure job any more.  Volkswagen scandal, Oh, Germans, you were the symbol of stability.  I could not believe it when TV showed the footage of Air France executives running away in tattered shirt from the sacked workers.  Of course, the former employers would be angry because they had chosen the stable job instead of pursuing adventures or dreams.  They expected rewards for their personal sacrifice.  This was not supposed to happen to them.  It was supposed to have happened to losers who strayed from the steady course of life.  It annoys ‘the stabled’ that media often portrays those losers as Free dreamers, the ones who are true to their heart.  

No, that is unacceptable.  For ‘the stabled’ to be winners, ‘the Free dreamers’ must be put down as losers.  So when ‘the stabled’ have self-doubt and panic, he/she tries to sooth his nerve by suddenly calling up the Free dreamers that he knows to brag about his financial and social success.  Now, ‘the Free dreamers’ know very well they may not realize their dreams, but they had decided to take the risk.  Still, it does not help when ‘the stabled’ patronizingly lecture ‘the Free dreamers’ out of self-serving intent, bordering on malice. 

 I know of this one idealist young man, definitely a Free Dreamer, who had recently been paid a visit by his former classmate.  Not so a close friend as the visit was out of blues after many years.  From what I gather, this former class mate kept going on about his steady life and success in his career, etc.  Was that necessary?   I can’t help wondering if this former class mate did not use this Free dreamer for his own ego-boosting.  I may be reading into it too much, but this kind of ego-boosting sure happens among women.  What I have learnt is that happy women in a successful marriage keep to themselves.  It has always been either a frustrated wife with an unemployed husband or a worn out mother with dropped out children… they would seek me out to lecture how pathetic I was as a Free Dreamer.  

Recently, I got stuck with one of them.  The host families in Bordeaux are popular because they have been serving 3 courses dinner with wine to the students of my language school.  A good trend was started by the hospitality of Bordeaux people and went long enough to be famous for it.  But as always, abusers of the good system must come.  As I said I spent a week in Bordeaux.  I could have opted for Airbnb which would have been cheaper, but my school adviser recommended me to stay with a host family because of their fantastic meals.  To my surprise, my host family served a big European man and me, a salad and tap water, for the whole week.  The European man was so furious he complained to the school, but I stopped short of giving a low mark to my host family because I had overheard the wife nudging the husband to look for a job.  He had told the school he was employed so I may have misheard. 

But then I recall with sadness, the sight of the wife and the husband avidly drinking the wine brought home by the European man.   It was a suburban house, rather large with a tiny pool, but so small it was more for a show than practical use.  The house was evidently purchased when the things were good for them…in their once stabled life. 

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