Three types of people, three types of joy. Who is the happiest? (喜びの 違いで分ける三種類の人間)

Xmas 2015One week from now I will have lived one year in Paris.  I remember landing on a dark rainy morning with some trepidation, which was soon repelled by the magic of Paris, all decked out in Christmas fashion.  

This year, I am observing the Parisians putting up decoration on their shops, maisons and jardins.  That took some magical wonder out of the end result, but it was appreciative in a different way.  The joy of making Christmas spirit.  

As you know, there are three types of people regarding the kind of joy they choose. 

One is ‘the Builder’ inclusive of creators, makers, or people who prepare things.  They mostly do so for the pure joy of making things and if it pleases the world, great! 

Second comes ‘the Dependent’ who rely on others for fulfilling their needs.  They copy the ideas for a quick money, or convince ‘the Builder’ that it his/her mission is to please the Dependent.  The ultimate example is ‘gold digger’ 

The third one seeks a dirk joy in destroying the fruit of other people’s efforts.  The naming of this type is easy: the Destructor.  The light Destructor are those who put you down at every turn without offering any solutions.  Why would they when their sole purpose is to harass, not to solve.  The extreme Destructor, of course, destruct the fruit of the Builder’s effort. 

I can only speculate that The Builder grew up encouraged by their parents, while the Dependent were either spoiled or had their confidence to do things themselves battered.  However, the Destructor defies any rules.  They just don’t come from deprived families, but privileged ones too.  They stand aloof as more unique and superior existence than the other two types of people because they are hard to figure out.   The youth are often impressed by their dark appeal. 

So…who is the happiest?  Both the Destructor and the dependent mock the builder as suckers.  True.  But without the Builder, the dependent will starve.  Without the Builder, the Destructor will have nothing to destroy.  The Builder, on the other hand, can exist without the other two types.  When the Builder is focused on making something, nothing else matters.  Each day, the Builder will wake up with something to look forwards to.  

The Buddha was born into a ridiculously wealthy family, but he later relinquished the ultimate dependent status in order to attain the true happiness of mind.  According to the Bible, the God in Heaven entrusted his own son to the care of a carpenter named Joseph, the Builder. 

Merry Christmas to you who chanced upon my humble blog. 

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