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One step at a time amid Paris’ subdued New Year Eve (静かなパリの大晦 日、前進は一歩づつ)

You must never take anything for granted.  Last year, I joined the crowd on the streets of Paris and stayed on until the midnight when the city of Light lit the sky with fireworks, laser beams spreading out from the Arc de Triumph.  Something told me I had to unless I wanted to miss out.  That hunch proved to be right unfortunately because this year there will be no fireworks after the recent terror attacks.    This year, many locals have opted to celebrate subdued New Year Eve by staying home. I celebrated twice: first at around 16:00 when it was New Year in Japan.  I am grateful that I had a friend with me this year.  My Swedish friend was an orderly and responsible person, a breeze of clean air after the filthy menacing grin of Colombian crooks who swindled me.    Afterwards, I went by myself to Café Constant, a popular local eatery in 75007 for my first Réveillon, a big festive dinner the French enjoy on the last day of year. Café Constant takes no bookings so naturally there was