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The true horror stories in Paris-Part 1; 現代パリに実在する恐怖物語1

For a nation famous of giving the world the concept of liberty, France has a peculiarly nanny-like financial system.  Let me explain.  Each client is allocated a councilor whether you like it or not, and every transaction, such as things you could do over the internet, must be handled by this person.  The French banks insist on holding the hand of their clients, thus the nanny financial system.     The objective is fairly easy to see.  The councilor takes every opportunity to recommend new financial products.  If you are a French person, you can tell them to Puck off and they will note that.  However, if you are from overseas, they bare their fangs.  I have heard of many horror stories of bank councilors who keep cancelling the funds they had previously shoved down the throat of their clients so they can get their vulnerable clients to sign up for a new fund.  To bag the commission fees.    But my councilor was in another league.  Unfortunately, she was a Japanese in charge of Japa