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The true horror stories in Paris-Part 2;現代パリの本当にあった怖い話第2

I feel sorry for the stalked victims because I went through a similar experience with, wait for it, my bank councilor.  She had all my information thus enabled her to call me at home persistently.  I would ignore the calls but she would start calling me at earlier time.  It felt like my money had been taken hostage by this woman who would start giggling ‘I thought you would leave for school after this hour.’  She clearly had no problems disrupting my daily routine and would tediously solicited me with new funds I should sign up (so she could get her commission.)  ‘It is for your benefit only that I suggest this…’  Such an officious utter lie whispered into my ears by a sad middle-aged woman was a depressive start of my days back then.    As I had a bit of share trading history, I could find faults with all the funds she presented to me.  She lied through her teeth making up fault facts but I knew more about the world of shares than she did.  I felt sorry for her other clients who would