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The true horror stories in Paris-Part 3; 現代パリの本当にあった怖い話第3

‘I am so sorry this should have happened to you,’ said my councilor as she closed into me…again, her disturbing habit.  But in my weakened stress, I almost wanted to believe her sincerity.  ‘How much money does your father keep in his bank account?’ I could not assess her question immediately.  ‘Huh?’  The woman continued firmly. ‘How much is your father in Japan worth?  As his only child, you can invest his money for him.  Let’s move all the Japanese Yen in your family over to France.’  Those were not her exact words, but a summary of her proposal, but her next phrase, I write here word for word.  ‘It is time you deposited your money to this ‘fund’ I have been recommending to you.’  She had shed her usual demureness and was now commanding down to me like a cult guru.  Any other Japanese would have capitulated and I am afraid her other clients had, but I was forged in American school and Australia.  I snapped out of my distress and ‘You see my misfortune and the first thing you