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The true horror stories in Paris-Part 5; 現代パリの本当にあった怖い話第5

Though the director took my complaint seriously and agreed that the behavior of my former councilor quiet weird, he could not find a reason to be deem it suspicious.  ‘If she stole your money, she would risk going to prison.  She wouldn’t do that for herself.’  His reasoning was right, but I sensed that she knew what she was doing all along.   A month later I went back to Japan to see my parents.  The day time talk shows were featuring a new type of crime—mind controlling.  Several celebrities whose mind had been controlled by some sinister figures ended up losing their savings and income to the mind controllers.  The defense those mind-controllers used was typical: the money was a volunteer gift, therefore, no laws could punish them.  However, the exposure led to ordinary people who had fallen victims to the similar trap, albeit smaller scale, to come out.   Through reading their confessions I discovered a pattern:  a woman targeting another woman.  Until recently the world has kn

The true horror stories in Paris-Part 4; Des histoirse d’horreur vraie dans le Paris du XXIe siècle-4e partie ; 現代パリの本当にあった怖い話第4

Le texte français est en vert (日本語は頁下) I had a trepidation that the manager would not believe my complaint.  Bear in mind that my councilor was a serial liar that she would deny any accusation skillfully.  With a heavy heart I entered the room.    I did not need to worry.  The manager had been suspicious of my councilor for some time. She would not share any information of her clients with the manager and whenever her mistakes surfaced she would shift the blame to her colleagues no matter what.  He was glad to have the opportunity to find out what my councilor had been telling me.  It turned out she had disobeyed every instructions he had given her and she had even given me a warped description of the financial products.  He sighed because his predecessor was the one who hired her, duped by her demure appearance.  In any other country this woman would be sacked, but this is France.  It is virtually impossible to sack an employee. Another Japanese woman was with him.  She was to be